Monday, June 6, 2016

One Of The Good Guys!

This morning when I got up nothing hurt, so I thought chances are I passed away in my sleep, so as a test, I pinched myself real hard and it hurt. The next thing that I did, after telling all of our 4-legged family that I loved them so much, I made a cup of coffee and went to my computer to look at Chet's Facebook page, because we have been so worried about what has happened to our dear friend, who is like a brother to us.

I was glad to see that Chet had posted about his van burning up and losing just about all of his earthly possessions and with the help from his good friend, Chris Seaton, had created a gofundme campaign for him, so I immediately grabbed my credit card and made a donation so Tony and I could help him. And you can click on this link: to help out Chet, too.

This is what Chris wrote and then Chet wrote about on his page:

"This campaign is to help Chet O'Keefe, who lost his van and many of his belongings to a fire on June 1st.  Chet lost his Martin acoustic, mandolin, the "Blue Guitar" (a handmade Telecaster), Fishman Solo PA, Bose stereo, recording gear, MacBook, iPad, solar setup (panels, AGM solar batteries, charge controller, inverter, etc...), effects pedals, clothes, wallet, money, and passport to the fire.  Most importantly, however, Chet and Wiilie were unharmed.

Chet was close to trading the van for a small RV, which he still has the opportunity to purchase if the money is raised quickly enough.  I would like us all to at least get him enough funds to buy that RV.  Of course Chet will decide how best to use the money and hopefully we'll do well enough to get him most of his stuff replaced (unfortunately some of it, like the "Blue Guitar" is irreplaceable).  Below is Chet's description and pictures of the fire.  Let's help Chet get back on his feet and back on the road again."
Chet's words on this:

"On the night of June 1st my van caught fire pretty good. It always smoked a bit from oil dripping on the exhaust, but it soon became apparent that this was something different, something electrical, and acrid smoke began filling the van.

I started dragging things out and set them on the ground about 15 feet in back of it, the van being pretty full, as I had packed for about six months on the road. Thinking 15 feet would be far enough, not imagining the impending extent of the deal, I continued to throw stuff out the door. It began to get hot, I was breathing smoke, and the 100's of car explosions I've seen in movies started running through my head where the gas tank catches and the explosion lifts the whole deal about 6 feet off the ground.

So I backed away and flagged down the first passer by, a delightful woman named Bryn, who put 'freaking out Willy' in her car and gave me water and drove up the hill to call the fire department, as there was no cell signal at the scene. She stayed with me for a while and invited me to dinner with her and her husband, and I wonder if I will see them again. I probably will.

So instead of the gas tank exploding there were small other explosions, first, the tires popped off, then the shotgun slugs I had on the floor fired off: I had loaded Jim's 12 gauge with 3 of the 5 slugs from the box and two remained in the van.

But somehow the gas tank just leaked and didn't explode and the gas meandered lazily downhill to my guitars and stuff, and then on to the neighbors car, lighting all that up as you can see in the pictures; they actually show the progression of events quite well.

So, this happened, and I start to think, you know, what's next? And here's the bright idea I had, which I will preface with a poem written by Jim Dorr on the night of the fire:

An unexpected fire: all is lost

Dog and I are alright

No: not all is lost



Gamebird still flies



About 100 Gamebird CDs burned but there is about 3/4 of each one left, so I thought, I could put each one in a thrift store frame and send them out to people, for donations, so I can put things back together again.

Along with my wallet and money burning, my passport burnt too, so it is off to Seattle today to the passport office to get a new one: I am supposed to be getting on a plane June 12th to fly to London England for a two week musical tour; please send positive vibes that this will go smoothly!

Thank you all in advance!  ...  Much Love, Chet" 

These are just a couple of pictures that I grabbed from his page.

I am asking all of you that read my blog to please share this on all of your social media and to please help Chet, because he truly is one of the good guys and we need them now more than ever. And I thank you in advance for helping Chet O'Keefe and paying it forward, because it is the right thing to do!

Sincerely With Love,
Cousin Nancy


Mary Sanders said...

Thanks for posting this Nancy. I've donated and hope Chet lands on his feet. He seems to have a great positive outlook. Best of all to him!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Thank you so much for helping Chet! Now all you need to do is come visit us.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, thank you so much for letting us know about Chet's misfortune so that those of us in a position to help him CAN help him recover.

We hope everyone reading your blog will at least periodically check his Gofundme page for updates that he will post whenever possible.

We're so glad that Chet and Willie escaped without injury and as Mary said above, Chet's great attitude already has him on the Comeback Trail.

You are a very good friend and we know Chet appreciates you - just as David and I do!

(And of course we mean Tony too, but he's not expecting to hear anything from me because he is so used to you and I monopolizing every conversation when we're together that I suspect he's given up on getting a word in edgewise - coming or going!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Cousin Nancy- We have heard his music- so awesome- This is an awful thing to have happen to Chet. Thank you for the link and be assured we will also be telling of this calamity and sharing the link - Blessings to you all