Monday, April 18, 2016

Watch Longmire—Texas Style NOW!

Today has been more than great, because Gerry Olert finished our Longmire—Texas Style video and I have just posted it on YouTube. Please click here to watch it and please cross post it and like it for us.

This is what I earlier wrote and posted on our Longmire—Texas Style YouTube video:

Tony and I and all of our great Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch volunteers love Longmire. In fact, we are hooked on the show and we can't wait to watch the new Season 5 on Netflix.

Because we love the author, Craig Johnson, and the fabulous cast and crew, we decided to do a video spoof of Longmire—Texas Style, in hopes that we might get invited to come to New Mexico to watch them shoot a scene and we have our fingers crossed.

My dear friends Eileen and Lisa helped me write the script, but when it came time to shoot our video—we ended up ad-libbing almost all of it and that is why we cracked-up and you could sometimes hear laughing in the background.

Most of the scenes were shot at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch by Lisa and Tony and then we waited for our dear friend, Chet O'Keefe, to return to our rescue ranch, after touring, so Gerry Olert could finish shooting the final scenes at Big Jim & Lady Liz's Grey Goose Saloon.

I want to thank our wonderful cast & crew for their outstanding performances and Little Debbie. And I especially want to thank Chet O'Keefe, Big Jim & Lady Liz and Gerry Olert for helping us to make our video so much fun.

I hope that you enjoy watching our Longmire—Texas Style video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Please note: Our unedited version will go up in the next few days and we thank you in advance for cross posting this for us, in hopes that we get to be on a Longmire set, while they film, in New Mexico.

Longmire Rules! And we have all of the books, hats, mugs,  bumper stickers, etc. to prove it!

Y'all have a great evening, keep on laughing and thank you for helping us!


Fay said...

I have been waiting to see this for so long and I just LOVE IT!! I tweeted to every Longmire actor account I could find this morning on Twitter - incl. the author - with a link to your awesome video. I am going to start watching Longmire on Netflix because of this. What a fun video and kudos (or Oscars!) to everyone involved, it's just GREAT!! I'm pretty sure Little Debbie is going to be the breakout star in this xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Thank you for watching it and liking it. We love Longmire and thank you for tweeting it to the Craig A. Johnson and the fabulously, talented actors. I promise that you will love reading Craig A. Johnson Longmire books and enjoy watching Netflix's Longmire series.

I hope Little Debbie gets a lot more fans, too.

Longmire Rules!