Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Accidental Tourist's Traveling Pants! or Here's Your Sign! or Blast From the Past!

Today has been great even though it rained a couple of days ago and our grass and weeds look like they've never been mowed.

This afternoon, after we dropped off Sally Field, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get her shots, etc. then we met up with our dear friend Jim, at Cracker Barrel, for a really fun lunch.

This past Tuesday, while I was out of town, Kinky rescued Sally, from a field near Hwy. 16, when he was  returning to the ranch. Sally is a super sweet, well-behaved, female Pit, so if any of y'all know someone who has lost a beautiful Pit Bull, please ask them to call me.

Speaking of out of town, I literally had a blast getting to spend quality time with my sweet sister, brother and his sweet wife, in Terlingua. And basically all we did from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday night was have fun, sitting out on the porch, visiting, playing guitars, listening to music, stargazing and birdwatching. And we also did a little hiking.

Sunday evening after we ate dinner, just to put it nicely, let's say, "That I had a little accident," because earlier in the day, on our drive out there, I had eaten some greasy fast food, at a truck stop, in Fort Stockton, that had upset my stomach or so I thought. And please note that Tony and I never eat fast food unless we have to.

Anyway, when we got back to our cabins I suddenly had a new senior citizen moment or should I say movement. There we were sitting on the porch, talking and laughing about life, when nature called me. It called me softly, so I ignored it until a few minutes later when it finally shouted—"Bombs Away!"

So, I quickly excused myself and went inside Cindy's and my cabin that we were sharing. I was only three footsteps away from reaching the toilet—when it happened! And I was totally mortified, because in the past I'd heard jokes about this happening to older people, but I had never thought it would happen to me.

After I had cleaned up the mess, inside my 501 Levis and the surrounding territory, I pulled on my sweatpants and went back outside. As I sat down in my metal chair, I was hoping that no one would notice my new outfit, but of course Ronnie did. "Hey Nance, I like your new pajamas! Are you fixin' to go to bed soon?" Then my family started laughing, so I went along and chuckled too, trying to act as if nothing at all had happened.

Monday morning, when Ronnie took off to go walk, Brick and Maggie, their two sweet dogs, I confessed to Cindy and Nita about me having an accident, in my pants and they sympathized and then we laughed about it, as I hung my damp jeans over the porch rail to dry.

So when Ronnie returned with their dogs, he raised his eyebrows when he looked at my soaking wet blue jeans draped over the railing, so I went ahead and told him about my accident incident. And he burst out laughing which caused all of us to start laughing, again. Then he shook his head sideways, and joked, "All I can say is better you than me. Hey look—we're old. It's no big deal. @#$% happens."

Tuesday morning, Ronnie and I hiked down, to go  check out the swimming pool and the outdoor restrooms with showers. When I came out of the women's super clean restroom, Ronnie said, "Omg Nance! You've got to come check out this sign. Then he started laughing, and joked, "Here's your sign!"

I quickly read the posted sign to discover that the water, at my most favorite resort, was safe to drink and had passed all government requirements, but near the bottom, it warned that "Due to an elevated sulfate content the water may have a laxative effect and objectionable mineral taste."

"Don't you see, Nance? It's not you being old," Ronnie stated, as he pointed to my sign. It's because of the sulfur in the water. Didn't you drink iced tea with dinner Sunday night?"

"Yes, I drank three full glasses," I replied. "I was feeling dehydrated." Then we started laughing about it all over again. And then we quickly marched back to our cabins, so we could tell Cindy and Nita the news about the sulfur in the water. 

When Ronnie told Nita and Cindy about the posted sign we all started laughing again, because like me, my  sweet family loves to laugh. "Hey Nance," Nita joked. "Can I get you a glass of water to drink?" And of course, we all burst out laughing, again.

"Y'all, believe it or not I am going to blog about my blast from the past with pictures, too."

So later that evening after having a super fun Happy Hour, out on the porch, we went to eat dinner together. And when the waitress asked me what I wanted to drink, I said, "Root Beer. with no ice, please." And that remark made Ronnie, Cindy and Nita start to chuckle.

I also have another funny story to tell you about my fun family reunion that involves metal deck chairs and Cindy's, Ronnie & Nita's dogs, but it will have to wait until later, because I've already written too much for tonight.

But before I finish writing this post I want y'all to check out this funny YouTube video that our good friend Les sent to me today. It's about an adorable dog named Wendy and a ventriloquist. So if you still want to laugh some more please click here to watch it. I promise that it will bring tears to your eyes, because it is so darn cute.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

Oh dear, Nancy! That is hilarious! Happens to the best of us, at the worst time! I think your brother said it best: #%t happens!! LOL

cousin nancy said...

Yes, Ronnie was right-on!

Eileen said...

It did occur to me that in the middle of all that, you may have thought, "What would Ronnie do?!"

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! I was so distraught that I forgot to do it. Hopefully, there will never be a next time, but if it happens I will remember to ask what would Ronnie do about doo-doo!