Saturday, April 9, 2016

Old Friends And New Friends! or The Ranch Rocks!

Today has been great. This morning, as planned, James & Vivi, from Paris, Texas, came out to visit and see our rescue ranch, because to visit our rescue ranch has been on their Bucket List for several years.

I instantly liked this super nice, friendly couple when they arrived. Tony wasn't here when they arrived, because he was up at the Medina Highpoint Resort taking pictures of beautiful vintage cars that had come to a rally there. Some of his pictures included a '65 Ford Mustang, '55 Ford, T.-Bird, '60's Jeepster, etc.

I gave our new friends, from Paris, a tour of our rescue ranch and introduced them to all of our super dogs. And they especially liked our sweet, adorable Katee Sackhoff.

Tony arrived right after I had given them a grand tour and like me he instantly liked them, too. While he was visiting with them outside, I  came inside and called Kinky to ask him if I could bring them over to meet him. "Sure Nance, bring them over. They can meet Marcie and Big G, too."

We had a really fun visit with Kinky, Marcie and Big G and while we were there Big G was playing some really great blues using Kinky's guitar. I said, "Omg, Big G! I didn't know that you played the guitar. How long have you been playing?"

"For over fifty years," he replied, followed by a chuckle.

"Wow, me too. I am so glad that you're here, because it reminded me to tell you that tomorrow morning I'm going out to Terlingua with my sister Cindy, my brother Ronnie and his wife Nita. so I won't be doing your show. Tony is going to have to do the Utopia segment Tuesday morning and he's kind of nervous about it."

"Great," Big G said. "Now, tell Tony not to be nervous..."

After our fun visit, we came back over to the rescue ranch, because James & Vivi needed to get back on the road, because they were going to drive to Boerne to shop and eat lunch, before driving back to Llano where they are staying. And before they drove away they told us that they were going to do some serious thinking about possibly adopting Katee.

Now about last night. I had a blast binge-watching a new series on Netflix and I hardly ever quit laughing. Seriously, it was so funny my back started aching, because I was laughing so hard. The name of the adult, sitcom series is The Ranch. Starring Sam Elliott, Debra Winger and Ashton Kutcher. And Don Reo is a co-creator of this Netflix comedy.

Our friend Don Reo is also a good friend of Kinky's. In fact, we met him, because of Kinky. Don is the nicest man and he is one of the best American television writers and producers. Several years ago he and Judith, his sweet wife, came out to visit all of us, on a couple of times, and they love our rescue ranch and they support our efforts. 

Don is also famous for creating some of the best television shows such as: Blossom, The John Larroquette Show for NBC and My Wife and Kids for ABC. And he has written for Everybody Hates Chris, M*A*S*H, Rhoda and The Golden Girls, too. He was also the executive producer and the main writer for the FOX show Action and he was an executive producer and show runner on Two And A Half Men.

Anyway, I want to highly recommend that you watch The Ranch sitcom on Netflix, because I promise that it will keep you laughing. Click here to watch The Ranch official trailer.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Anonymous said...

What a Great Day!! It sounds like so much fun... Old cars, great Friends, Music, Fur babies (sending good vibes and thoughts that Katee gets a forever home!!) And a fun trip out West!! Have a wonderful time and safe travels for you all! I look forward to hearing the fun adventures you all will have out West! Stay safe and have fun :-)