Monday, April 4, 2016

Private Pot Pie Pan Party!

Today has been great and Tony and I are so rested, from our super fun, exciting weekend, that we actually did some mowing today. We still have plenty of mowing to do tomorrow before the rescue ranch is once again beautiful and we've got to get it done early, because Henry Standing Bear and I are meeting our good friends, Marguerite and Scout, at Wild Birds Unlimited, so they can show Henry and me how to get to his and Scout's private, clicker-dog-training classes.

And Henry is very excited about attending his first class with Scout and I am kind of nervous, because I hope my reflexes will be fast enough to click and give an instant treat to Henry. But actually, it doesn't really matter, because I know it will be a lot of fun doing the classes with Marguerite.

Okay, yesterday I did a short post about Tony's and my super fun weekend, because I was so pooped, so now I will catch y'all up to speed.

Friday night around 9:00 our dear friend, Chet O'Keefe and his cool dog, Willie, arrived at the rescue ranch and Chet, Tony and I stayed up late, so we could catch up with each others news.

Late Saturday morning, after Tony did the chores outside, I cooked breakfast for us and then we packed Trigger up with video props and Chet's guitar. Then we took off, around 11:15 to go meet Gerry Olert, in Bandera, so he could follow us to the secret location, so he and Chet could set up their  video and music equipment, so Gerry could film and record Chet playing his music/sound track, for our video, before 1:00, when the rest of the cast was scheduled to arrive.

By 1:15, all of us were in full costume, including Little Debbie and then Gerry's camera started rolling (Even though he was actually using digital cameras that don't roll.). And the rest is history or will soon to be history.

Here are just a few of the pictures that Tony took of some of the cast and crew, hanging out after all was said and done. And the reason, that I can't show all of the cast members is because they were dressed in full costume and we want the ending to be a surprise when it first Premiers, at our Private Pot Pie Pan Party.

Later in the day, when Chet, Tony, Little Debbie and I got back home we spent the evening visiting and then we watched a movie.

Sunday morning, the three of us ate breakfast and then we relaxed and sat back and watched the great movie Chef, while Chet's clothes washed and then spun around, inside the dryer, so he could pack them for his upcoming Canadian Tour with Sarah Burton.

A few hours later Chet packed up his guitar and clothes, etc. and then he took off to go to the Auslander, in Fredricksburg, to play his awesome music for Stephen K. Morris' first Singer Songwriter Spotlight event. And thirty minutes later, Tony and I jumped inside Trigger and took off for Fredtown.

Omg! Tony and I had so much fun at the Auslander. The place was packed and the vibes were beyond great. Our dear friends: Steve Pietzsch, Kris & Jim, Evie and us all got to sit up front, at a big, long table along with some of Stephen's & Eva's great friends. 

Stephen K. Morris' and Chet's music was totally awesome and the crowd could not get enough of it. Stephen did a fabulous job being the host of his three hour show with Chet. Stephen told some hilarious stories and it was so much fun to watch him and Chet joke back and forth with each other. And here are just a few of Tony's pictures that he took at Stephen K. Morris' first Singer Songwriter Spotlight event, at the Auslander.

A little after 7:00, this cool music event ended and all of us hung out for a few minutes. And after hugs and handshakes Chet adios-ed us and then he took off for San Antonio, because this morning he caught a plane up to Maine, to visit with his family before crossing over the Canadian border to kick off his and Sarah's Canadian music tour.

I wish that all of y'all could have been at the Auslander, to watch and enjoy listening to Stephen's and Chet's great music. And that's about it for tonight. Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

I am getting so excited about the premier of this film of yours! Good luck at Clicker Camp! Miss Moneypenny is starting her first obedience Puppy Class soon. Will be fun, she's a sweetheart!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am excited about our Longmire—Texas Style video, too. Thanks for wishing Henry and me luck at Clicker Camp, I am going to need it more than Henry Standing Bear. That's cool about Miss Moneypenny going to obedience class soon. And please keep me posted on her classes, because it will be fun to compare our gentle, soon to be giants.

When you have the time please send me some pictures of Miss Moneypenny, Ranger and Wee Lassie. Take care and keep on laughing.