Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Longmire—Texas Style!

Today has been so much fun, because so many people that I know have been either calling or e-mailing me about how much they love our Longmire—Texas Style video spoof.

Our great friend Fay McLachlan sent me this e-mail early this morning and to say the least it started my day out right.

"Hi Nance,
Your Longmire video is done SO well and is an absolute hoot! Love it!! I tweeted it to all the Longmire actor, author, fan accounts I could find on Twitter this morning.
The official @LongmirePosse twitter account absolutely loved it and not only liked and retweeted, they responded! Here's a screen capture, you might just get your set visit after all! Well done, esp Little Debbie in her debut onscreen role as her fine self. 
Fay xx"

This afternoon I also received an e-mail from Chet O'Keefe  telling me that he really liked the way our Longmire—Texas Style video turned out.

In just a few minutes, I have to leave, because I am taking Henry Standing Bear to his/our Clicker-Training Class with Scout and Marguerite and he seems to be excited about going, because he and I have spent everyday doing our Clicker-Training homework. Personally, I think he just wants to go to class just to show off and impress sweet Scout.

I'll write more later, if it isn't storming outside.


Fay said...

Check your email, Nance! You got a pretty nice compliment from someone that will make you & your co-stars pretty happy! Well deserved, I just love that video!

Eileen said...

Hold on to your pot pie tin hat, because Fay got a tweet from ZAHN MCCLARLON, who complimented us after watching the video! I emailed it to you! Holy cow!