Thursday, February 5, 2015

Forrest Gump!

Today has been great, even though I have cedar fever really bad. This morning at 7:45, I called into The REV and  did The Harley Show with our good friend Harley Belew. We first talked about us both having cedar fever and then I told him that Forrest Gump was Harley's Pet Of The Week.

Week Gump, I mean Forrest Gump is one super great dog! He is great with other dogs, he is not a digger, climber and he isn't hyper. Gump is approximately 2 years old and everyone at the rescue ranch has fallen in love him. We believe that this special dog is a Beagle/Heeler mix and that is why he is so smart. And on top of that he is house broken, too! So if you are looking for one the coolest dogs in Texas, come on out and adopt this fabulous canine. We promise that he will steal your heart and keep a smile on your face.

Today, as earlier planned, my dear friend Mari and I are doing a three day juice fast together. I am especially excited about doing it now, because of my severe cedar fever, because I know that the powerful nutritious juices will help my immune system fight it.  

After doing Harley's radio show this morning I made my first juice to kick off our juice fast. Here is a list of the ingredients I used for my morning delicious juice: Chia seeds, almonds & pumpkin seed mix, power greens, cucumber, beet, carrot, celery, apple, pear and mixed frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes). It was totally delicious and I drank two full glasses of it.

When Tony came home, I made him the exact same juice. Then we went outside to feed the dogs and clean their pens. And the only dog that we did not feed was sweet Katee Sackhoff.

Around 11:00, as also planned—Janette arrived with her little, cute, 14 year old dog named Amber. Janette was hoping to adopt Katee Sackhoff from us, but she had to make sure that Amber would get along with Katee and that Katee would not be too rough with Amber, because Amber has back issues. 

So, Tony put a leash on Katee for me and then Janette and I took off walking Amber and Ms. Sackhoff down to the creek. The dogs got along great together and thirty minutes later, Janettte adopted Katee! So, everyone please keep your fingers crossed for Katee that she doesn't play too rough with Amber and that her adoption sticks. 

After we adopted Katee, we came back inside The Cabin. My eyes and my nose were watering and I was coughing so hard that it hurt. So around 12:30, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, so I could buy some over the counter nasal spray, etc. at Walgreens, go by Next Generation Produce to drink more healthy juice. 

After I purchased a 4 pack of Kleenex, Flonase, Burt's Bees Honey Menthol & Eucalyptus Oil throat drops and NyQuil we went to The Next Generation Produce. And on our way over there I used the Flonase Allergy Relief nasal spray, because I could not quit coughing and sneezing.

By the time we arrived at my favorite juice place I looked like I had been crying and it was pretty funny, because the super sweet, nice owner must have noticed and he was even nicer to me than he always is. And while he was making our juices I tried to explain to him, in between fits of sneezing and coughing, "I'm fine, I've just got cedar fever."

Tony ordered their Sunshine juice and I ordered the Pear Bear juice and they were absolutely delicious and before we left Next Generation Produce I asked the friendly folks to please make me a Dragon's Blood juice to take home.

A little while ago, after Chet O'Keefe had come over and we had a fun visit with him, I drank my juice dinner and yes, their Dragon's Blood was totally delicious and exactly what I needed. And that is about it for tonight, except I want you to know that when I make Dragon's Blood juice, at home, I call it The Pink Dragon.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Did you mean to say in re: Forrest: "he is broken" or instead mayhaps "housebroken"? LOL

1 day of juice fasting hasn't dulled my former high school newspaper editor's keen old eyes, has it? (wink)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am still laughing that I left out the word "house!" I am fixing to make the correction now. And I agree that your juice fast has not dulled your editor's keen old eyes. We've only got one more day of juice fasting!