Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Happy Couple!

Today has been great and so was yesterday. Yesterday morning when our great friends/volunteers were out here walking our dogs for us, I introduced them to Bee Spears and Dale Evans. When I told Ellen and Kris that I was wanting to see if Dale and Bee would get along, so they could be roommates, they offered to take Bee and Dale for a long walk.

When they returned from their walk down to the creek, Ellen and Kris told us that the two dogs really liked each other and they seemed so much happier than they had been before going on the walk together. "When Bee and I left The Okay Corral to meet up with Ellen and Dale, Bee had his long tail tucked down between his legs," Kris said. "And now he has it up and wagging happily."

We were so thrilled with their report, we asked them to please put them together in Dale's pen, so we could watch them interact off-leash. As we stood by the barn visiting with our good friends we watched the new happy roommates get to know each other.

Since then, every time that we have gone outside to check on all of the dogs, Ms. Evans and Mr. Spears seem to be the happiest couple out here and we are thrilled. I took this picture of the happy couple still wagging their tails, earlier today, after Kinky had called me from Hawaii, to check on us and The Friedmans, because tomorrow he leaves for Australia to begin his two week tour over there. Bee is the handsome one on the left.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

All I am saying..........

Here's hoping the right home will come along for this 'honey' of an oldtimer.

Thanks for saving him, Nancy and Tony!

Another star for your crown, er, cowboy hat!