Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today has been great and so was yesterday. Last night around 10:00, Kinky called me from Brisbane, Australia, to check on us and The Friedmans. After telling him that all of us were doing fine, I updated him with the latest news about Willie Nelson's band member's bus plowing into a pillar, about eighty miles east of Dallas, due to rain and high winds. He seemed relieved after I had told him that Paul broke his ankle, his brother bruising a hip and Hawkins' rib. Then we talked about the weather and Tony and me cooking quesidillas for the dogs, for the past two days, before we adios-ed each other.

This morning was cold, but not as cold as yesterday was, thank goodness. After I had cleaned up the breakfast dishes, Tony and I bundled up. He loaned me one of his coveralls to wear and I had the hardest time putting that thing on. The zippered legs and arms were almost seven inches too long, so he helped me roll them up, before I pulled up my pink hoodie and tied it tightly under my double chins. Then we went outside to do our morning chores.

The dogs were glad to see us, until they realized they were getting dog food, instead of warm, tasty quesadillas for breakfast. Before going outside, we decided that Tony would feed and that I would clean the pens. Before I went into Katie's pen, Tony warned me, "Nancy, be careful. Some of the pens are slippery." So, I heeded his advice and took smaller steps and used the rake to help steady me, so I wouldn't slip and fall.

When we were nearly done with our chores, Tony started laughing when he saw me, in the pen beside him. "I've got to take a video of you!"


"The way you're shuffling your feet around, you look like you're doing a great Tim Conway impersonation and my coveralls are so big on you, you remind me of Randy, Ralphie's kid brother, wearing the coveralls, in that classic movie, The Christmas Story." We both started laughing, even though I told him there would be no video for him to make or us to watch. And that is about it, because I am going to watch the Dallas Cowboy game, while cooking up some more quesadillas for our dogs outside.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Oh, boo! I thought FOR SURE that we would be treated to a PHOTO of you all bundled up in the camo/pink outfit!

Now that would have been just the ticket to make me laugh during an otherwise very gloomy day.

Well, I'll just use my imagination then - and of course LAUGH at what I am 'picturing'.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari. I did look pretty goofy in Tony's coveralls, but Tony doesn't wear anything pink. inside his coveralls I wore 501 Levis, pink boots, a navy turtleneck and a pink hooded sweatshirt. I should have been more clear about that. Trust me, if I ever caught Tony wearing pink/camo overalls—I would snap a picture of him pretty in pink and post it on my blog and get a poster made.