Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shakespeare In Love!

This morning, John rescued Cupcake, a large, sweet dog from the Kerrville pound, and then he went back to the pound after he got off work to rescue Copper, which he took to Hoegemeyers Clinic for shots and to have her leg checked out to see if it was broken, because we were told from the workers at the pound—they thought Copper had been run over, and the owners, rather than taking her to a veterinarian—took her to the pound, and asked the workers to please euthanize their dog as soon as possible! Hmmmm...

Around 10:30 this morning, Kinky called me, and invited me over for some coffee—that was a joke. When I went over to the Lodge, Kinky’s old coffee maker was gurgling, burping and spewing out nothing for over thirty minutes. Since there was no coffee to drink—I opted for water.

We had a great visit. We discussed his big win in Vegas, some rescue ranch business, our books that we are writing, and what to do about lunch. Before returning to the rescue ranch, we had decided to meet at La Fours at 1:00 for lunch. (Please note: La Fours is a blue colored restaurant, and they serve great seafood.)

In Kerrville, when Tony and I had passed the orange restaurant, I phoned Kinky, “Kinky, are you there yet?” I asked.

“No, I’m at Wolfmuellers, visiting with Sandy and Jon,” Kinky replied. “Are y’all there?”

“No, we are at the light at the bridge.”

“Okay, I’m leaving now. See you in a minute.”

Kinky beat us to the blue restaurant, because we got stuck in traffic, due to a car accident, but we were only a few minutes late.

We all ordered their ‘Half Platter,’ which was delicious, and thank goodness we didn’t order full platters, because we could have never eaten that much food at one sitting.

Following lunch, we went our separate ways, Kinky went home—and we went to Wal*Mart. After turning on our cell phones, Tony and I went our separate ways in the store to shop.

I found a coffee, cappuccino, expresso machine like Tony’s and mine and put it in my basket for Kinky, and then I went to the boat section and put four life jackets, an oar, dock lines, boat bumpers, shaker flashlight, and an emergency airhorn for Tony’s boat—into my cart! I figured I’d give them to Tony on February 14th, but he caught up with me at the checkout counter, and was delighted when he saw his Valentine presents!

And, then it was Tony’s turn to get caught with his Valentine present for me. The only thing he had in his cart was a beautiful lavender and pink colored—Shakespeare rod and reel! “Happy Valentine’s Day, Nance,” Tony laughed. “I hope you like it, because I’ve been getting all kinds of weird looks from guys.”

I loved my pink and lavender rod and reel, and told Tony that I did. After checking out, we drove home. As soon as Tony had unloaded our Valentine presents, I went over to Kinky’s to give him his fancy, new coffee machine.

Kinky was delighted with his present, and as I unpacked his new coffee machine, he said, “What should I do with this old thing?” He asked, holding his dead, non-producing coffee maker, in his arms. “Feng Shui it?”

“Yes,” I said, as I plugged in his new three-way machine. “Throw it out—it’s useless, and put your expresso machine that you don’t know how to use, under the cabinet. This deal here, has just saved you a lot of counter top space and it does it all.”

Kinky immediately, carried his old wannabe coffee maker outside, and disposed of it. Then I walked him through the coffee making procedure. Voila! We were drinking delicious kona coffee within a minute! Then Kinky challenged me to a game of pool, and the Hummingbird Man won. It wasn’t even close.

As I was leaving the Lodge, to go home, Kinky came out the door and said, “Nance, tomorrow, will you please show me how to make expresso and cappuccino?”

“I can’t. I haven’t figured out how to do that part,” I answered. “It’s too complicated for me—but Ben will be here tomorrow, and he and Tony can show us both how to do it.”

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Simply Cindy Lou said...

Nancy I had a customer come through today that was buying his wife a pink and purple rod and reel. I had to laugh because the first thing I thought about was you when I saw the rod and reel.