Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron and Nita's Ranch Party!

Saturday, January 19th, Tony and I took another vacation, and this one lasted 17 hours!

Saturday morning at 7:47, my brother, Ron called to tell me that he was having another party, that night in Dripping Springs, and he wanted to invite Tony and I to come to it.

I really wanted to go. So after I hung up the phone—I called Maribeth, to ask if she would consider baby-sitting our ranch and spend the night over here. She said yes!

At three o’clock, we had the car packed, Maribeth arrived—and we took off for our trip to Ronnie’s! The drive up there was uneventful—thank goodness.

When we arrived at Ron and Nita’s ranch, my sister, Cindy and her husband, Ray were already there, and we got to have a great visit before all of their friends and musicians arrived! It was a packed house, and it was so good to see everyone and catch up!

The last to arrive for Ron and Nita’s party, were Jerry and Kathy, and they had also brought along a surprise with them—Smokin’ Dave and his family!

Tony and I were so glad to see our old friend, Smokin’ Dave, because we hadn’t seen him, in over a year and a half—since he had come out to the rescue ranch, to visit and to show us, and to taste his latest Smokin’ Dave’s products—smoked jalapenos and smoked garlic! And, they are to die for! I use his smoked jalapenos and smoked garlic just about everyday—when I cook. Anyway, we had a great visit with Dave before the music started, because he plays a mean washtub bass—better than anyone that I have ever heard!

The night was filled with some of the greatest music, and it went on until the wee hours of the morning! Tony went to bed early (10:30) because it was past his bedtime, and I checked out around midnight-thirty—and the band continued to play on. I fell asleep, listening to Burl singing—’Midnight at the Oasis’ accompanied on guitar by Willis, Ronnie, and Tom, with Jerry on the fiddle, Joe on the mandolin, and Ray on the dulcimer, and Dave on the washtub bass! It had been another great Ron and Nita party!

Sunday morning at 6:00, Tony and I packed the car, in the dark, and drove home. Of course, we made it back safely, or I wouldn’t be writing this now. All was fine when we arrived home, and when we unpacked the car, we found a case each of Smokin’ Dave’s jalapenos and garlic! I guess, that he had snuck out, and loaded up our car—while we weren’t looking. And, I just want to say thank you, Smokin’ Dave—they won’t last long around here!

P.S. I wish everyone could have gone to Ron and Nita’s ranch party, but you weren’t invited, but I hope that my friends and fellow, blog readers are as lucky as me—to have such great family and friends. I am truly blessed. And, if you haven’t met Smokin’ Dave, or tried his fantastic products—check them out at:! If you try them, I guarantee that you’ll love them!

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Smokin' Dave said...

Nancy......You're the best..Thanks for the complement about the washtub bass playin', but I owe it all to my teacher, Burl. Hope to see you all at the Dripping Springs " Founders Day " in April. We're planning on having the second annual Jalapeno eating contest and more.........Thanks for all you do........Smokin' Dave