Monday, January 14, 2008

Casbeers Rocks!

Last Friday afternoon, after adopting out Snowflake to a lovely woman named Marilyn, from Blanco, Tony and I returned to the trailer, so I could do The Chris Duel Show at 4:19!

At 4:11, Michael called to tell me that Chris was at this time, interviewing Kinky, and that he was going to put me on hold, and then in a few minutes, Chris would put me on the air with him and Kinky, to talk about the evening’s Bonefit at Casbeers, in San Antonio. I quickly downed a glass of water and waited. Then Chris put me on the air with Kinky. I loved it!

The three of us took turns talking about the event, and there was a lot of laughter! After a few minutes, Kinky told us good bye—and it was now just Chris and me. I love talking to him because he has a great sense of humor, and knows how to put you at ease. We talked for a few more minutes, and then he plugged our rescue ranch, Kinky, my book, our web site, and lastly my blog!

After the show, Tony told me that he thought the interview went real well, even though, he said I sounded like Gabby Hayes on helium, again. Because, Chris Duel had told me that the Casbeers Bonefit was sold out, I suggested to Tony that we might ought to leave thirty minutes earlier than we had planned with Carol and John. He agreed.

So, while Tony phoned Carol to ask if it would be okay to pick her up at 6:00 instead of 6:30—I was on my laptop writing a dear John letter—to let him know that we would be picking him up thirty minutes earlier, instead of 7:00—now 6:30.

With the plans now changed, Tony and I quickly cleaned up, and dressed for the event. After a couple of minutes of lying to each other about the other looking good, we bid farewell to our dogs and cat. Before leaving the trailer, we grabbed the camera and the map to Casbeers!

We arrived ten minutes early at Carol’s gate, but luckily, she was parked by it, and ready to go! When Carol, all dressed up, got into the backseat of the Explorer, Tony and I both told her that she looked great—which wasn’t a lie. “Thanks,” Carol said.

The three of us laughed, and talked about everything under the sun, as we drove the twenty-one miles to John’s apartment. When we pulled up in the driveway, forty minutes early—Tony honked Buttermilk’s horn, and we waited, and waited and waited. Then Tony honked again, and this time John ran out on the balcony—with a towel wrapped around his waist, but wearing a smile! “He must have not gotten my e-mail,” I commented. And, then we burst out laughing.

A few minutes passed, and then John appeared on the balcony—dressed! When he climbed into the Explorer, Tony said, “You clean up nice, John. I guess you didn’t get Nancy’s e-mail about leaving earlier?”

“Thanks,” John said. “And, no I didn’t get an e-mail.”

Tony backed out of the driveway, put Buttermilk into drive—and then we galloped off for Casbeers! I was fine, until we got onto I-10, because it was already dark outside, and the traffic was heavy! As Buttermilk raced to keep up with the flow of traffic, I tried to appear calm, and not backseat drive from the front seat. By the time I get to Phoenix, I mean Boerne—I was gripping the armrest, and saying little prayers—inside my head, for Buttermilk to get us there safely. I wish I wasn’t scared of city traffic, but I am. But, thanks to John and Carol’s funny tales—they kept me laughing all of the way!

Outside of Boerne, Tony asked John if he would drive us into San Antonio, because of the much heavier traffic and the blinding headlights. John agreed to do it, so Tony took the next exit. It was a rest area for weary drivers! I couldn’t believe our luck! I was weary!

After that fire drill, John navigated us safely to Casbeers, even though his and my maps disagreed with each other’s directions—so I put mine away in my purse.

I knew it was going to be a great night, when John found the only parking place on the block —right in front of Casbeers! It was an omen. When we walked inside the packed club, I told the man taking tickets, that we were on the guest list. “I know, Cousin Nancy,” he said, “I’m Steve, Barbara’s husband. Welcome to Casbeers!”

We shook hands, and then a tall, beautiful blonde, walked up to take us to our table. “Cousin Nancy, I’m Barbara. Welcome to Casbeers,” she said, as she gave me a hug! I then introduced everyone to Barbara and Steve, and then we followed her to a table reserved for us—front row center—four feet from the stage! We had the best table in the club, and everyone was staring at us!

After we had ordered some drinks and super nachos, Chris Duel came over to our table to greet us! After introductions and shaking hands, we visited with Chris for a few minutes, and then he left to go join his beautiful wife, at the table behind us. Then Kinky and Jewford came over to visit with us, and then Carl Naylor—the great auctioneer! When they left—our food and drinks arrived.

Five minutes before show time, Carl Naylor came back to our table, to ask Carol if she would mind helping him with the auction. He told her that he needed her to help spot for him, and that he would also be kidding around with her. Carol, blushed, but agreed to his request, even though, she is somewhat on the shy side—when it comes to crowds. Yeah, Carol—she was going to face one of her fears! Then after Carl left our table—the lights inside the club dimmed.

The stage lit up! “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Chris Duel, and I want to start the show by asking Cousin Nancy, her husband, Tony Simons, Carol Vail and John Kemmerly to please stand up.”

The four of us stood up, and waved to the friendly crowd.

“Folks, Cousin Nancy and Tony, co-founded the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch with Kinky, and they run the rescue ranch! Carol is their incredibly dedicated volunteer—who walks all of their dogs, and John is, as Cousin Nancy says—the best thing to ever happen to the rescue ranch, and to their dogs! Please give these fine folks a hand!”

The applause was deafening, and then we quickly sat down in our chairs. “Ladies and Gentleman, give it up for Steven Fromholz, Kinky Friedman and Little Jewford!” The crowd went wild as the three walked out onto the stage! It gave me goosebumps.

To be continued...

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