Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Forgot!

This evening, I went over to see Kinky at the Lodge. We had a short business discussion, before The Hummingbird Man challenged me to a game of pool. I racked the balls, The Hummingbird Man broke up the rack of balls—sinking a stripe.

For some reason, I missed the ball I was aiming at, but somehow, I sunk—three solids in a row, even though I wasn’t planning on sinking, the ones that fell into the pockets. The game was pretty interesting with four balls left on the table. I wound up winning the match, because The Hummingbird Man accidentally sunk the eight ball! Cousin Nancy—one!

I challenged The Hummingbird Man to one more game. I was shooting pretty good, until I forgot that I was stripes—in two quick shots, I sank two solids, while The Hummingbird Man watched the news on TV. I thought I was on a roll, until The Hummingbird Man turned around, and said, “Nance, you’re stripes. You sank two of my balls.”

“You’re right, Kink. I forgot.”

Kinky made two more shots—winning the game. We had tied, and I went home.

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