Friday, January 11, 2008

News-Talk 550 KTSA! Hello, Chris Duel!

Michael from KTSA, just called and today's interview will be at 4:19! I hope everyone can listen to it, too! At 3:30 today, we will hopefully be adopting out Lana Nelson or her sister, Snowflake. A very nice woman from Blanco is driving out to possibly adopt her. Keep your fingers crossed! And, Tony and I have just confirmed our baby sitters for the rescue ranch tonight—so, we can go with John and Carol to Casbeers to see Kinky, Steven Fromholz, Little Jewford, the greatest auctioneer—Carl Naylor, and at last, get to meet the owners of Casbeers—Barbara and Steve! I know that it is going to be a fun night, too because Ben Welch and his business partner, A.J. Agiewich, are also going to be there—selling merchandise. I will give a full report tomorrow!

p.s. To listen to the show please go to: and please note that Kinky will be following me with an interview, too!

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