Saturday, December 29, 2018

Downtown Cowtown!

Today has been great. This morning right after doing my new habit and then thanking God for everything—including the Fritos—the dogs and I marched into the kitchen, so I could make myself a delicious cup of coffee.

The Cabin was warm enough inside and it was 67 degrees inside and 41 degrees outside. As I sipped my coffee I checked my e-mails and this one that my dear friend Mari sent to me made me laugh out loud, because when I was in my early twenties I used to hitchhike with Boomer, my very first Great Pyrenees.

We used to hitch rides from Crested Butte, Colorado to Gunnison all of the time to get groceries. We also hitched rides from Crested Butte to my parent's home in Fort Worth for surprise visits. Which was not always a great thing, because one time, right before Christmas, when Boomer and I knocked on my parent's front door—Mom fainted when she opened the door and saw us standing there.

And that was scary, because Mom had this metal plate inside her head, because when she was five-years-old she was hit by an eighteen-wheeler, in downtown Cowtown and y'all already know that story, because I wrote about in one of my books and I also blogged about it many years ago.

Anyway, Boomer and I also frequently hitched rides from Fort Worth to Austin too and the best part about it is—we never had one problem.

With one exception happening in Walsenberg, Colorado. When this highway patrolman, warned us that it was illegal to hitchhike in Colorado and he wrote us a warning ticket, while Boomer ran off and jumped inside his vehicle. Anyway, I am still laughing about Mari's e-mail and this is what she sent to me:

"Picked up a hitchhiker last night. He said thanks how do you know I'm not a serial killer? I replied the chances of two serial killer's being in the same car are astronomical."

After I wrote Gaby a thank you note for the delicious chocolate treats she had sent to us from Germany and I had answered a few more e-mails I shut down my laptop and drank another cup of coffee, before gluing my dentures back inside my pie-hole.

This afternoon Tony and I went to see Sandy & Jon at Wolfmueller's Books. Omg, they had so many customers in their store buying books, we barely squeezed through their store's front door.

Jean, (Jon's sweet sister aka "My Pink-Potholder Finisher" and my short-lived potholder business partner) was busy ringing up sales as fast as she could, as a long—line of book-buying customers patiently stood in line to pay for their books. And Sandy & Jon were also busy waiting on one customer after another to help them find the books that they were searching for.

As busy as Jean, Jon and Sandy were they each took the time to wave at us, so Tony and I waved back to them.

While I was checking out the cookbooks, Jon was the first to come greet us. After greetings, I said, "Good grief y'all are busy in here."

"I know," Jon replied, followed by a chuckle. "It's been like this since Thanksgiving and...."
Then Jean, who is always wearing a beautiful smile on her face walked up and joined us.

And before Tony and I could say howdy to her, Jean said, "Today's going to be a great day!" And then she clapped her hands together, and said, "Sorry, I can't jump anymore."

We all laughed, because I knew that they had been reading my blog. "And it is a great day," I said, as Sandy walked up and greeted us.

"Hi Nancy and Tony," Sandy said. "What's great?" And we all laughed, because we know that Sandy doesn't regularly read my blog.

Anyway, Tony and I had a fun, but very short, visit with our dear friends and then we adios-ed them, so they could get back to taking care of their customers.

On our way back home, Tony and I talked about our new year resolutions. He told me that he plans to quit snacking so much, which thrilled me to death, because that means I won't have to worry so much about our Fritos. And needless to say, I said nothing about our survival chips.

Then I told Tony that yesterday Mari had sent me this great video about new year resolutions and that she and I were planning to do everything on that list, along while continuing to do my new habits. Here's that short video that Mari found and sent to me, about New Year resolutions—Going Into 2019 Like.

And when we got back home Tony watched that video while I put another log(s) on the fire. He liked the new year video and after he watched it twice, he said,, "2019 is going to be a great year!" Then he clapped his hands together and jumped out of my chair. And that scared Little Debbie, but I know she'll get used to it.

So now, thanks to Tony, it looks like I've got another new habit to add to my to do list, because 2019 is going to be a great year!

And that's about it for now, because last week, after Fourth encouraged me to paint a rocket ship or something cool, on the front of our 2,500 gallon water holding tank, I've finally decided what I am going to paint on it. So now I am going to do some researching on the computer to find out what kind of paint I will need to paint my upcoming, giant, water tank mural.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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