Friday, June 29, 2018

Food Truck Fun!

This past week has been great. I've spent of it writing on my 3rd novella and I am having a blast with it. In fact, once I start writing and get into "the zone" the time flies by so fast. I am so excited about my 3rd novella, because it is flowing so smoothly. The characters, the conversations they have, etc. are writing this for me and all I have to do is be quiet, listen and type as fast as I know how.

Last Tuesday, late in the afternoon, I was on a roll writing, while Tony had gone to run an errand for me, in Medina, when the phone rang. "Hey Big Foot! This is Fourth calling..."

As soon as I heard my dear friend's voice, I picked up the phone, "Howdy Fourth! What are you up to?" I asked.

"I'm on my way from Kerrville and I was thinking about dropping, at y'all's place, for Happy Hour."

"Fourth that would be great. Tony's gone, but he should be back in a few minutes. Where are you?"

Fourth laughed, and said, "I'm up on the pass." And that is when I panicked, because we are only about a mile from the Medina pass, and I was in my sweats, because I had earlier walked 4 Fast Miles with Leslie Sansone.

"Oh dear," I said, trying not to sound worried. "I'm in my sweats and I need to put on some decent clothes."

Fourth laughed, and said, "Well, I'm wearing shorts, because it is so blasted hot."

Then it was my turn to chuckle. "Listen, I'll open the gate and as soon as I get dressed I will come outside."

"Sounds good. I'll wait for you, on the front porch." As soon as Fourth and I adios-ed each other I skipped into the bedroom, grabbed my jeans and a shirt and was dressing when I heard our front door open.

"I'll be there in just a minute," I half-hollered.

"Don't worry about it," Tony said. Talk about relieved.

"Tony, open the gate if you already closed it, because Fourth will be here any minute, for Happy Hour."

"He's here," Tony announced, before going out the front door to greet our good friend. And a few minutes later, we had a two hour happy hour filled with fun and laughter. And I am so glad that Fourth dropped in, because before he left to go home, in Medina, he and I had agreed to co-write a story together, as soon as I finish writing my 3rd novella.

I am very thrilled about doing this, because Fourth Coates is a fabulous writer. I've read several of his stories already and I absolutely love his tales, because they are filled with humor, facts and insights. And I will keep y'all posted when he and I start writing together and when our story comes out.

The rest of the time this week besides sleeping, Tony and I spent getting excited about working, in The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg food truck. And today was our first official day to start working.

When I use the word working, it would be better said—having a total blast, in the food truck. We had so much fun working together.

Because today was our first official day to be open, Tony and I went in early, just to make sure we would be "ready to roll" at 11:00. And I am so glad that we did, because we were so busy.

Omg, people and many of our friends started showing up to buy hot dogs, brats and sausage links! And they kept us so busy that the time just flew by, like that saying, "Time flies when you're having a good time." And I was shocked when Tony said, "It's 2:00, Nance. We're closed for the day."

And on our way home all Tony and I could talk about was the food truck. We talked about better ways to do things more efficiently and how much fun it was getting to cook for our friends, neighbors and the friendly tourists. And that is about it for today, because I am fixin' to spend the rest of the day and evening writing on my 3rd novella.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on everything:)

Fay said...

Great blog, Nancy! Congrats on the food truck and so glad you're having a blast with Tony!