Wednesday, June 13, 2018

So Life Is Good!

This past week has been one great week for Tony and me and I am totally amazed how it all happened, because it just proves, once again, to me that wishes do come true. And finally now I can tell y'all how the stars lined up for my wish to come true.

As I look back, I realize that the first star lined up, a week ago Sunday, when Tony and I were, over at Carol's ranch, having fun visiting with her and her sweet sister Carla and their dear friends Julie and Sugar. We were sitting out on the deck and talking about life and all kinds of things.

Some where in our conversation, one of them (not Tony) mentioned food trucks, and I immediately said, "Omg, I love food trucks so much. I wish I had a food truck...." And after I had quit blabbing like a babbling brook out of its bank, I made a mental note about saying that and then I got back into the conversation which was now about Willie Nelson's beautiful, new song Something You Get Through. Which is now one of my most favorite songs.

That Sunday night I decided to re-watch the great movie Chef starring Jon Favreau and it is one of my all-time favorite movies. Jon Favreau wrote it, directed it, produced it and he also starred in it. And ever since I watched that uplifting movie, several years ago—I've wanted a food truck.

Monday morning, while drinking my first cup of coffee, I Googled Airstream trailers, on Craig's List and the first picture to pop up almost made me fall out of my chair, because it showed this older Airstream and the caption above it read: "Top 10 Food Trucks" by Southern Living magazine.

And that is when I realized that Tony and I could maybe convert our vintage, 1977 Airstream and possibly turn it into a food truck, instead of using it as an Airbnb. 

My mind was racing, so then I started looking at food trucks for sale on Craig's list and to my surprise there are many affordable food trucks for sale.

I bet by now you are thinking that I bought a food truck, but you are wrong. So please continue reading.

Late Tuesday morning Tony and I went to Bandera and it takes us thirty-minutes to get there, so that is when I decided to talk to Tony about food trucks, because I knew I had a captive audience, when he wasn't tuning me out.

Anyway when we drove through Medina, I noticed that Debbie Martin's food truck was not open for business as usual. Debbie is our dear friend who owns and operates The Old Timer, which is famous and should be declared an historical landmark, because it is "the pulse" of Medina. And not because Tony goes there every morning to drink coffee with his friends. 

When I asked Tony about why the food truck was closed he told me that two days before Debbie's employees had quit running it, because they were moving.... So, I said, "Tony, on our way back I want to stop and talk to Debbie about her food truck and watch out! Someone is crossing the road...."

Long story short—On our way back home Tony and I stopped, at The Old Timer.

And I talked to Debbie about her food truck. And we talked for over an hour and we came up with a plan that suits us both. And that's when the wheels were set in motion—the sky is the limit!

So Friday morning, I went Online and started taking this eight hour course to get my Texas Food Safety Manager Certification that is required. The Online course was fabulous, but totally exhausting and because of taking notes, etc. I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday, over 18 hours in total time studying, so I could pass the exam. 

And my backache, many sleepless hours and the pinched nerve, in my neck, was all worth it, because Tuesday morning, I nervously took the exam and I passed it with flying colors! And Carol was the first person I called to tell about passing the course. 

Then Tony and I went to Kerrville to pick up a refill of Roy's arthritis pills. But before we did that Tony and I went to Wolfmueller's Books to tell our good friends Sandy & Jon about what Tony and I are fixin' to do. And yes, they thought it was cool and were thrilled for us, too.

Then we went down their alley, jaywalked across Main Street, to Little Joe Restaurant, to celebrate me passing the exam and us getting to work part-time, in Debbie's food truck—The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg: Weenie Wagon. Because it is a win-win situation for Debbie and us.

And Tony and I did not order the exact same thing to eat, but we did order what we ate the last time we were there. "Margarita, I'll have the #1," I said. And Tony ordered their #5 Carne Guisada. And of course it was totally delicious. And we both drank their mouth-watering, homemade lemonade.

And since then, Tony and I have been regulars at, The Old Timer, discussing details and what all is involved with us running Debbie's Rusty Dawg. Here is a picture of the food truck.

There is still much to do, before we start serving food, hopefully by next week and of course, Tony still has to take his Texas Food Handlers course, so he can be certified to work in the kitchen with me. And the only thing bad (kind of funny) about all of our exciting news is—Tony has to wear a beard cover and he is not real thrilled about it. So life is good and dreams really do come true.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Y'all will do fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to all the new "Cousin Nancy's Original Recipes" It sounds like so much fun. Good luck in your new venture.

Jean Weber said...

So excited for you! Looking forward to some tasty dogs!

Fay said...

That is soooo cool! Congrats on the new adventure!!

karlee3 said...

What a great man you have helping with this new venture! Tony is a definite keeper! Good Luck on the new adventure! We both look forward to hearing about your stories in the food truck. Medina and Tony are lucky to have you.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon, Anon, Jean, Fay and Karlee3! Y'all are so sweet to leave such sweet comments. Tony and I are still figuring things out and our cooking routine is starting to sync in place and we are having a blast cooking hot dogs, hot links and brats. I LOVE FOOD TRUCKS, especially The Rusty Dawg!