Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cow Towel!

This past week has flown by me and it has been so much fun. I've spent most of the days either writing on my novella or looking at recipes and testing them out in the kitchen, cleaning the cabin, and spending time, at The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg food truck. And that is my excuse for not blogging.

I am having a blast writing the novella and it is hard to get away from the characters talking in my head, so I've been typing non-stop to keep up with the flow of scenarios. I am thrilled that my novella is flowing and I don't have writers block, but the best thing about all of this is my neck and back are no longer aching and making me stop writing, so I can rest them.

And the reason I am no longer in pain, writing for hours on end, is because I've discovered that I can type standing up.

Fay gave me the "standing" idea last week, so I decided to put my lap top, on the kitchen island, to see if that would help and it was like magic! Suddenly, I am typing and moving around and I absolutely love it, because I've never been a fan of sitting. I don't know why, but I've always been more comfortable standing up. So the good news is all is great in the writing department.

When I wasn't typing, I removed my lap top and I've been baking and trying out new bread recipes (for the food truck) for possible sandwiches to make in the future.

And after having fun writing or baking or cooking I realized that The Cabin needed sprucing up, so with Hazel's help, every day we've been keeping up with the housework.

Tony and I love Debbie Martin's food truck, at The Old Timers! We've been spending the last few days working inside it, getting comfortable with the layout, cooking some of the Rusty Dawgs, on the menu and testing them out on friends that show up and look hungry to us.

We are still not quite ready to "jump in" and be open for business, but we are getting very close. And besides loving the food truck, I am having so much fun working with Tony, in the kitchen.

Tony is doing a great job cooking the hot dogs, brats and hot links and then helping me put them together with the right ingredients. And I am amazed to discover that he is a real clean freak, because at home, he sort of let's me "own" the kitchen, because that is the way I like it.

Anyway, after Tony took his Food Safety Handlers course, this past Friday and passed it with flying colors and only getting two wrong answers on the exam, he is now certified to work, at the Rusty Dawg too. And I must admit that I never dreamed he and I could have so much fun in a kitchen.

Today has been great. Late this afternoon, after we locked up the Rusty Dawg, we came home and I took a real nap with our dogs and I slept like a log, because this past week, I've been staying up way too late, because of I don't want to quit writing on my novella.

The good thing is I really do feel rested, as I type this, but I am not sure about Henry Standing Bear or Belle, because Henry is now sacked out on the couch and Belle has been snoozing, waking up and checking on me then back to snoozing again.

Late this afternoon, after the nap, I walked into the kitchen and Tony told me that he had seen Carol, when he went over to wash a load of clothes, in her barn, and she asked him to please give me these flowers and the gift sack.

When I opened the pretty gift sack, I found the cutest, embroidered cow dish towel. I totally love the beautiful flowers, but I love the cow-towel even more, because I love cows so much. 

After admiring my new dish towel, which I will probably not use and only display, because it is so beautiful, I looked at the sack closely and below "ALTAR'D STATE" are the word: "stand out. for good" and I instantly loved the message and then taking a closer look at the sack, on the inside near the top ate the words: Hello Beautiful." Talk about good vibes!

Then I read the small "karma LIVING" card that was attached to the cow towel and the mission statement inside it. And it was printed on Handmade Recycled Paper.

So I immediately went Online to find KARMA LIVING and I found them, so here is the link, so you can visit their awesome website.

As I finish writing this tonight, I plan to call Carol immediately to thank her for the lovely flowers and the cutest cow towel on the Planet. And that is about it for tonight and the next few days, because I am working on my novella, which I think is already funnier than the last two and when I am not doing that I hopefully will be cooking up a storm, at The Old Timer's Rusty Dawg.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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