Monday, February 5, 2018

Flower Power!

Late this afternoon, after a hard day of moving to our new ranch the phone rang—it was Carol. "Hi Nancy! Can I come over and see you? I just...." And of course my answer was "Yes, please do."

Five minutes later, after Tony and I quickly tried to hide a ton of boxes and garbage bags packed with our stuff, in the kitchen and big room—my dear friend Carol arrived.

So I went outside to greet her, while Tony hid a few more boxes and bags, in the bedroom.

When Carol climbed out of her white truck she was smiling and carrying this beautiful vase full of beautiful flowers. And she told me that she bought them for me, because she thought they would lift my spirits. And she was right about that—I absolutely love them.

In fact, late tonight (11:49PM to be exact) before it becomes early tomorrow morning and I go to bed, I was admiring my bouquet of pretty flowers while downing a dose of ZzzQuil. And that's when I decided to take a picture of the flowers, so you could see just how lovely these flowers are. And that is about it for tonight, because it is 11:54. And please note that I cropped out the boxes and garbage bags.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, Carol is a total sweetheart and great friend! Your place is breathtaking, I absolutely love it! Kudos to you and Tony for making it such a beautiful place to live (so much hard work, I can't imagine)
Wishing you both and all of your pups many happy, prosperous years in your new home.
Fay xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I agree that Carol is a sweetheart. We still have so much more to do to get settled in and I hope that you and Ian will come back to visit us in the Spring. And Tony and I wish you the happiest and most prosperous year, too.