Saturday, October 7, 2017


Last Wednesday was a thrilling day for us, because we met June and Ellen and their friendly attorney, at the bank, for our official closing on the property.

When we were at the bank I was so excited about the closing that I actually teared up when I was thanking Ellen and June for being so kind and generous to us, after we had signed and had all of the signed documents notarized.

My outburst of tears were embarrassing, so as I was looking up, staring at the ceiling and blinking my eyes, (Because Ron's sweet wife, Nita, had long ago had told me, "Always look up to keep away the tears. I promise it works every time.") I felt my tears stop, so I chuckled to myself to try to lift my spirits, and said, "Guess where we're going right after we leave here?"

"Where?" These two sweet sisters asked.

"Home Depot." I replied. "Because Tony and I are going to celebrate the closing by buying ourselves a brand, new toilet, for the cabin." And they were still laughing about it as we adios-ed them, outside on the steps of the bank, and drove away—headed for Home Depot.

Thursday was a thrilling day for us too, because late in the afternoon, Aaron installed our new, pretty toilet, in the bathroom. And after we thanked him for his awesome, toilet-installing-expertise, he stated, "It's a good one, Tony. In fact, it's the best one that I've ever installed and...." And that immediately made Tony's chest swell up a little bit. I guess because he was very proud of our toilet.

Anyway, after we adios-ed Aaron we were sitting outside, in front of the cabin, drinking a beer, before calling it a day and Tony started bragging about our new, super-commode and that made me laugh. "Why are you laughing, Nance? Aaron said our toilet is one of the best."

"I'm laughing, because I am staring at that white box that the toilet came in. Look at the front of the box. It says Bold. Power." So Tony glanced over, at the cardboard-commode-carrier and he shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal. As I watched his chest begin to slowly inflate with pride, again.

"Tony, toilets must be a macho-man thing or something," I casually remarked, while watching Tony's chest deflate back to normal. "Women could care less about toilets as long as they do their job. Do you think we should buy a new, wooden seat for it? Like the ones we have in our bathrooms?"

Tony was still in a little bit of a macho-mood, so he crushed his empty Keystone Light Beer can, in his hand, and said, "Yeah. Because maybe then you'll be proud of our toilet, too."

"If we could get a pink toilet seat for it—I would be really proud of it," I teased. And that made Tony laugh.

As I finish writing this tonight, so I can go back over to the property and work for a few more hours, I still have much more to report back to you, but I will have to do that tomorrow. 

Because yesterday afternoon June and Ellen threw a super-fun, ribbon-cutting house (cabin)-warming party for Tony and me and all of our great volunteers and our dear friends were there to help us celebrate. And to my surprise they also gave me a surprise birthday party, on top of that and I have the pictures to prove it. So you will just have to wait until tomorrow night to read all about the party, because I've got work to do.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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