Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Four Food Trucks! or CHI'LANTRO Restaurants Rule Austin!

First off, I am sorry for not writing last night about the four food trucks and my excuse is that I worked late, over at The Cabin and was just too tired when I got back home.

It is 7:00 in the evening and Tony and I just returned home, after spending several hours working over, at the property. We hung up the curtains I made, stained over 40 more 1'x4's, hung pictures up, then took them down and then re-hung the pictures until they were perfect.

Continued from Monday night...Four Food Trucks!

When Tony, Hope & Jae arrived, at the property, the first thing we did was give Hope & Jae a tour of our beautiful property and they instantly fell in love with our beautiful, 1977 Land Yacht (Airstream) too. And by the time we had shown them the "enchanted forest," area, then the super-cool, two-story, red barn, the three Madrone trees, which Chet told me are considered by Native Americans to be sacred spirit trees—we invited them to come into The Cabin.

When they first walked inside, The Cabin, their jaws dropped, to the floor and I thought it was because they were really impressed with our cabin makeover, but I was wrong.

Hope was smiling, but she had her hands covering her mouth and the look on Jae's face was like he had just seen a ghost or something. So I said, "What? What is it?" And then they broke out laughing and pointed to my barefoot, half-man mannequin, that was leaning up against the wall, near the front door. Then Tony and I started laughing, too.

Then we all got a cold beer and while we showed them, The Cabin, I explained about buying the mannequin, at the garage sale and why it was wearing a pair of my old, 501 Levis. And they thought it was hilarious instead of weird.

Well, I talked too much as usual, as we sat around catching up with Hope's latest news and our news, in the big room, and when I finally realized I was doing most of the talking, I paused, and then asked, "So Jae, what do you do, in Austin?"

"He owns five restaurants," Hope sweetly bragged on her super-nice boyfriend. "And he also has four food trucks. Jae's CHI'LANTRO restaurants/food trucks. It is Korean BBQ inspired and it fuses Korean & Mexican flavors and.... "

"Omg!" I said. "I love food trucks so much! And I've always wanted to have one. Especially after watching that great Jon Favreau movie, Chef. It is one of my all-time favorite movies...."

Then once again I realized I was talking non-stop, so I asked them to please tell us more about Jae's restaurants, because I definitely wanted to blog about it. And by the time they were finished telling us about Jae's restaurants all I could think of was us making a fast trip, up to Austin and going with Cindy, Ronnie & Nita, to go eat at one of Jae's five CHI'LANTRO restaurants or four food trucks.

Tone and I had a wonderful time visiting with Hope & Jae and before dark-thirty they adios-ed us, because they wanted to get back to the Trail's End Guest House, in Kerrville, where they were spending the night. "Because we love the Trail's End Guest House and that is where we always stay when we come to the Kerrville area," Hope said.

"We love the Trail's End Guest House, too," I said. "Many years ago, our good friends David & Desiree, who own the popular place, adopted one of our wild hogs from us. We named that sweet, wild hog David Beckham, because he chased soccer balls, but Desiree and David ended up re-naming him, Wilbur and they told us that Beckham/Wilbur was very popular with their guests. Unfortunately, Beckham died a few years ago...."

Tony and I came home after Hope & Jae left and the first thing I did after giving Roy a pill for his arthritis was Google CHI'LANTRO restaurants & food trucks and I was even more impressed after reading that they are the highest rated event caterers, in Austin. Anyway, I hope y'all will check out our friend's popular Austin restaurants & food trucks and get back to me, because we can't wait to eat Jae's food. And here is the business card that Jae gave to me before they left. And please note that I put his business card, in my back pocket, so it sort of got crinkled up a little bit.

Y'all have a great night and keep on laughing!

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