Sunday, October 8, 2017

And Many More! or What Would Ronnie Do?!

Keeping my promise that I made to you last night, tonight I am going to tell you about Ellen and June's great house (cabin)warming party that also included a fabulous surprise birthday party for me, at June's beautiful home.

This great party started around noon-ish and we arrived about noonish-fifteen or so and before going inside we met up with our great friends: Eileen, Chris, Suzanne and her new, adorable, four-month-old grandson, Lisa Susie, Baxter and Dawn, out on the driveway.

Lisa was carrying her homemade, chocolate (soon to find out delicious) bundt cake, for the pot-luck-lunch and she had decorated the top of it with the cutest little cozy log cabin ornament that lights up inside, at the flick of a switch, on the bottom/cabin's foundation. And of course, I immediately fell in love with it.

When Tony and I went inside to greet June & Kevin and Ellen and to thank them for throwing us a celebration house/cabin warming party, it was immediately hug-city. Omg, we hugged more of our dear friends: Kevin & June, Ellen, Jim & Diane, Don, Kris & Jim, Curtis, Kay and Liz & Jim. And not to brag, but just so you'll know, during this fun gathering, Jim & Liz told me that they purposely wore matching hot pink T-shirts, in honor of me.  

Before this totally fun party officially kicked-off, June and Ellen got every one's attention and did the cutest ribbon cutting presentation, that was actually a shoestring-cutting presentation, because they had named their awesome place—the Shoestring Ranch. And here's a picture of Tony and me (actually he and I could not cut the shoestring together, so he did it.) cutting the shoestring, with Ellen and June holding the long, white shoestring.

Then June and Ellen and Tony and me posed for this picture.

And following the ceremony everyone served themselves up some delicious food and we went and sat, outside on the patio, to eat our lunch. Which by the way included a sparkling champagne toast made by Ellen & June to celebrate Tony's and my new property and future home. 

I thought it was so sweet of them to do that for us, but I didn't let myself tear up again, like I did at the bank, because this time I was looking straight up and staring at this little, tiny moth that had temporarily attached itself, to the ceiling of the covered porch.

Near the end of lunch Eileen brought out Lisa's birthday cake that had one candle, on top of it and when she tried to light the candle, but it kept burning out, as everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to me. And as soon as they had finished singing, "And many more!" Eileen quickly re-lit the half-burnt down candle and I blew it out before it went out on its own.

While everyone was enjoying eating Lisa's mouth-watering birthday cake I opened up some of the cutest, funniest birthday cards and we passed them around for everyone to read, before I opened up all of my super-cool birthday presents.

And please note that Jim & Liz's beautiful hand-painted and hand-crafted chalkboard is not shown, in the above picture, because it was too big to fit into the picture. But you can see it in the pictures below, because we love it and we have already hung it, in our new cabin's kitchen. And my painting I did, a few years ago, "What Would Ronnie Do?" is hanging right next to it.

All-in-all it was the best surprise birthday party I've ever had and on top of that it was the most fun house/cabin warming party that Tony and I have ever attended. 

So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank June and Ellen for all of their love and kindness that they've shown to Tony and me and to also thank all of our fabulous friends for coming to the party, because it was a day that Tony and I shall never forget. And I do mean "will never forget."

After this wonderful time we spent with our dear friends we adios-ed everyone and went to the Habitat for Humanity and finished up, at the Home Depot—where everyone knows (y)our name.

And to finish off tonight's blog, on a good note here are some updated pictures of the work that we've done, in the past three days, on our beautiful Cabin, in the woods. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

You and Tony must have been working day and night, your place is looking great, Nance! Congratulations on the closing and Happy Birthday!
Fay xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We love our new place so much! And we are so lucky to have it—thanks to our great friends June and Ellen. Maybe early this Spring, after things settle down for us, you and Ian can come back down, to the Texas Hill Country, for another fun visit.

P.S. Little Debbie sends her love to Ian and Henry Standing Bear says, "Hi. And please bring Miss Moneypenny next time."

Eileen said...

Nancy, I love the green wall! It looks like chinking between logs. And your kitchen is fantastic! You have put your special touch to the cabin. I can’t wait to see it finished!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! I love our green wall and our kitchen, too. We've been working hard and as soon as we get finished with all of our cabin projects I want you to be one of the first to see "new cabin."