Monday, October 23, 2017

Half A Man! or Four Food Trucks!

Last Saturday Tony and I and our dear friends, June and Ellen had a garage sale, at June's house, from 8:00 - 2:00. It was a lot of fun spending most of the day with these two sisters, and our good friends: Kevin, Curtis, Susan and Baxter.

Tone and I got there a little after 7:30 and while Tony was helping me unpack our stuff/junk and set it up on one of the folding tables that June provided, I spotted something that Ellen had for sale and I knew that I just had to have it. So before our garage sale even started I was already $20.00 in the red, but I didn't care, because I was so happy about my purchase.

Tony thought I was crazy when I told him what I had bought and Ellen was laughing when she took this picture of me removing my precious purchase from the garage sale items.

Yes, that is me carefully removing my new/used half-male mannequin, wearing patriotic underwear and wearing a pair of Kevin's (borrowed) dark, brown shoes, in hopes of boosting sales. And before Tony left, to come back to the rescue ranch to do his morning chores, he asked me what I was going to do with my half-man. So I told him, "I am going to dress him in my jeans and put a pair of my old, pink boots on him and turn him into a lamp!" Tony didn't laugh, but everyone else did.

Around 11:00, our garage sale customers had dwindled, so Ellen and June thought it would be a good idea to do something fun to boost our sales, while we waited for another shopping frenzy. And before you knew it or before Tony returned—we had my half a man-mannequin laying on a trundle bed, hidden under a quilt with his feet hanging out, at the end. And we put a pair of men and women shoes, on the rug, next to the bed. And June topped it off with a baseball cap and she put their lamp and fringed lampshade, beside the bed. And we loved it and we laughed ourselves silly.

When the next shopping spree finally happened, the customers were staring at our restful display and they were laughing, whispering to each other, etc. about it and before long the bed and the mattress sold!

When our multi-friends garage sale ended, Tony helped me load up our stuff/junk that hadn't sold and I ended up making a grand total of $14.00, after buying a lot of their stuff. 

Then after counting my profit Tony happily loaded up his new/used (Ellen's) Nada Chair, (June's) Cabella's outdoor recliner, a really cool, gas camp stove, a set of blue and white, Pottery Barn curtains. And lastly Tone carried my half  a man mannequin and tossed him, into JJ Cale's backseat. Then we adios-ed everyone and came home.

As soon as we got back home Tony carried my half a man mannequin, into The Cabin, and I went into our bedroom to grab an old pair of my Levis and an even older pair of my dusty, Justin Gypsy pink boots. 

Then the phone rang and the father of one of the great girls, a member in the East Kerr 4-H Club, called and asked if he could drive out and adopt Walter from us, because his sweet daughter and him had fallen in love with him, last Saturday. Of course, my answer was "Yes!" 

Thirty minutes later, Walter was officially adopted and he took off, in a big fancy pickup, to go to his new home, in Kerrville. (So please keep your fingers crossed that Walter will mind his manners and his adoption sticks.)

After we adios-ed Walter and the nice man it was dress-rehearsal time and here are a few pictures that I took of Tony trying to help me put my jeans on him and then trying to shove my boots on his gigantic feet.

And the whole time that we were trying to turn my man-mannequin into a cowgirl, Tony kept saying, "Don't you dare take my picture or tell anyone that I was involved with this...." Of course I promised him, but as you can see—I was lying, again.

We had a real problem trying to get my pink boots on him and while we were doing that our phone rang again and it was our good friend Hope calling. She and her boyfriend were running around the Texas Hill Country and she wanted to know if she and Jae could come by for a visit. ..."Great!" Hope said. "We should be there in about forty-minutes. I can't wait for Jae to meet y'all!"

Knowing that time was of the essence, so to speak, I asked Tony to please slit my boots with his knife, in hopes we could put his/her pink boots on. He did that, but we still had no luck, because his feet were just way too big to fit into my pretty, pink boots. So we temporarily gave up.

"Tony, if you'll put my man-mannequin in JJ, I'll take off and go straighten up The Cabin. Then you can bring them over and...."

As soon as I got to our property, I unlocked The Cabin door, opened the windows and then I pulled him, out of the backseat and clumsily carried him, inside The Cabin and I leaned him up, by the front door. Then I quickly put away all of our tools and the scaffolding, into the bedroom and then I swept the sawdust-covered floors.

Ten minutes later, I grabbed my camera and took these pictures of our cleaned-up, soon-to-be cabin, before Tony, Hope and Jae arrived.

Twenty minutes later Tony, Hope & Jae arrived, but I'll have to write about their fun visit tomorrow night, because I am fixin' to go sew another set of curtains, for the window, in the big room, that looks out, at the red barn.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

To Be Continued....(Sorry, Mari)

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