Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Foreign Friends! or Faded Glory!

Yesterday and today have been great, because we've worked hard here and there, had fun with dear friends and Tony and I bought our entire 2017 Fall & Winter wardrobes.

Tuesday around noon, Tone and I met up with Hans & Marita, our super-nice, visiting Norwegian friends, for lunch, at Cracker Barrel. Except none of us ate lunch there, because we all ordered from their breakfast menu. And believe it or not Tony and I did not order the same breakfast like we usually do, but Marita & Hans and I did order the exact same thing.

Being with Hans & Marita is always a real treat for us, because they love the same kind of music that we do and they keep us laughing with hilarious tales about their life and interesting, music-related adventures. So as you can imagine we had a total blast seeing them.

After we ate lunch and adios-ed our fun, foreign friends Tony and I went to see our dear friend Stan, the owner of the Melody Corner, because I needed to buy a new Snark tuner for my guitars, banjos and mandolins. And a banjo strap for my latest banjo that I also purchased from Stan.

Anyway like always, Stan's music store was jammed-packed and buzzing with all kinds of musicians and wanna-be musicians. So we had to wait to visit with our friend and buy my stuff while he helped out his friends and customers.

And we didn't mind waiting at all, because it was fun eavesdropping and talking to some of the friendly musicians. Here's my banjo strap and new Snark Super-Tight tuner.

Our last stop was, at the Home Town Craft store, so I could purchase some fabric, because I am going to make the curtains for our new cabin. And this is what I bought, even though I don't plan to sew the curtains until Saturday afternoon, after the East Kerr 4-H Club, one of our all-time, favorite organizations, that is coming out to walk our dogs for us. It will be fun, because our dogs love it and so do we. Anyway, here is the white fabric and the hunter green plaid fabrics that soon will be our new cabin's curtains.

After I bought the fabrics we came home and then we went, over to the property, to do a little more work, on the big room, until dark-thirty.

Today was so much fun. First we went, over to the property, to stain some wood for the big room's walls and we worked for about an hour and got every stick of wood stained. And even though our fingers were stained with a reddish, cedar color and our clothes reeked from the fumes of the stain, we met up with our dear friends: Denise & Les and Jim aka The Mineral Man. But unfortunately, Jim's sweet wife, Kris, couldn't make our lunch date.

Jim was the first to arrive outside Po Po's and we we came in second place. And while we were visiting and standing outside the restaurant, Denise drove by and honked at us and waved before driving off to go park her car.

A few minutes later, Denise joined us, standing on the corner, with us and two minutes later her sweet husband, Les, appeared. And just before the five of us walked, into the restaurant, another person pulled up, to the signal light and honked the horn at us. And it turned out to be our good friend, Harley Belew, waving at us. So we all waved back at him before he took off as we entered Po Po's for a delicious and very fun lunch. 

And to our surprise our great and friendly waitress was also our good friend, Jennifer. The sweet woman and her husband that, several months ago, adopted Hollywood from us. Of course, our lunch was delicious and a lot of fun. 

We all resisted getting desserts, so Jennifer it topped-off by showing us some recent pictures of Hollywood playing with her new best Weimaraner puppy friend. "The two are best friends," Jennifer said. "They play constantly and wear each other out..." 

Yes, I know this is turning into a very long post, but please hold on, because I am almost finished writing this.

And to put it on a bumper-sticker for times sake: After our enjoyable lunch with our friends Tony and I went to Walmart, so I could buy a couple of stools and we got them and also bought our entire 2017 Fall & Winter wardrobe collection. 

As you must know by now, neither Tony or I are big on fashion and we like to keep it simple and cheap and that's exactly what we did. Walmart had their Faded Glory long-sleeve, buttoned-down, plaid, flannel shirts on sale for $8.00 and we love those shirts. So we each bought five shirts.

I bought three flannel shirts that were just alike and two in different colors and after Tony saw my selections, he made sure to buy five different flannel shirts that did not match any of mine, because he hates it when we accidentally dress alike. 

We are thrilled about finding our favorite shirts on sale and to give you a glimpse of our upcoming Fall & Winter wardrobes, I stacked up his and my new shirts, on top of the stove and I took this picture of them. And please note that my five, pretty, flannel shirts are stacked, on the front and back left burners. And finally that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Kris said...

Hi Nancy! Well, if Jim arrived first at Po Po's, I must be the reason we are always late for the Lunch Bunch dates. Oop! Sorry about that. �� Kris

cousin nancy said...

Hi Kris! Our Lunch Bunch sure missed seeing you, at Po Po's, on Wednesday. I promise not to blog about your confession for probably being the reason for y'all being late for our Lunch Bunch dates. But like they say, "Better late than never." So we shall you sooner than you think even if you are late.