Monday, July 31, 2017

We Love Gladys Ormphby!

This past week has been busy for us. We've spent most of our free time, over at our new property.

We had two big events happen this past week. The first event is that last night we went over to Kinky's Lodge, so we could have a fun visit with him and get to listen to the "rough cut versions" for Kinky's soon-to-be released CD.

Kinky has written all of the fabulous songs recorded for this CD and a few of his close friends helped him out with some of the lyrics. Anyway it is such a great CD and we cannot wait for it to be released.

The second big event this past week actually happened this afternoon and it arrived, in the mail, from one of our very special friends—Ruth Buzzi!  Ruthie is one of the sweetest people on this Planet. And both Tony and I feel so blessed that she (And her husband Kent) are two of our dearest friends.

Anyway, Ruthie took the time to send us this really cute, sweet card, along with an autographed picture of one of her most famous, loved characters, the dowdy spinster, Gladys Ormphby. And we love Ruthie's/Glady's signed photo so much—we are definitely going to get it framed. "Thank you, Ruthie!"

And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, do you ever watch her on Laugh In reruns on DecadesTV? I Besides Dick and Rowan she was the only one that was on that show the entire time. Susan G in Fort Worth.

Fay said...

That is so thoughtful and sweet. What an awesome lady Ruthie is!
You and Tony are doing really difficult work in some really hot conditions to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Thank you for that, we love our pups we adopted from you. Best dogs in the world come from Utopia Rescue! xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! Yes, I love watching Ruthie on Laugh In and the hilarious Dean Martin Roasts. Ruth Buzzi is a living legend and loved by many for bringing us joy, smiles and laughter.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Ruthie is one of the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful people, on the Planet and that is why she is a shining STAR amongst us. I love it that you were here, a few years ago and got to spend quality time with her & Kent and his awesome parents. I will never forget the hilarious stories they told us about. And one of my favorite stories is when she and Kent got married, in Las Vegas.