Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Day of The Grasshopper!

Today has been great even though I slept until 10:30 this morning, because last night I was sleepless in Medina.

Early this afternoon we went to Kerrville, because we needed to stop by Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and then we went to Home Depot to buy some more paint and supplies for a kitchen drainboard that we are building together.

And when we were leaving the rescue ranch, in Trigger, I was telling Tony about staying up late and writing a post for my blog that included me accidentally saying, "Iguana" instead of "Gecko."

We were laughing about it when out of nowhere this giant grasshopper appeared in the sky (Actually on our windshield). So I quickly grabbed my iPhone and took a couple of quick pictures of it as Tony slowed down Trigger.

"This will make a funny post and I am going to title it: The Day of The Grasshopper!" Then I showed Tony my two grasshopper pictures and then put my phone away.

Anyway, when we got back home, I downloaded the two pictures to use in today's post and something strange caught my eye, in the two photos. Something that I hadn't noticed before when I took the pictures, because of the sun's glare.

Now if you'll scroll back and look at the 2nd photo it almost looks like a rainbow coming out of the grasshopper's head or it might possibly be a UFO in flight.

Then if you carefully look back at that 1st photo I took the rainbow/UFO is there, but it is much harder for the human eye to detect. So now I'm wonderin' "What the heck is that thing?" Then I enlarged the 2nd photo, so I could see it even better.

It is now 4:30 and Tony and I are fixin' to go back, over to the property, to do some more work on the kitchen drainboard. But before we leave we are going, over to Kinky's lodge, to drop off a frozen pan of Cousin Nancy's Chocolate Sheet Cake, so Kinky doesn't have to go through withdrawals.

And as I finish writing this I would appreciate any feedback that you might have as to what that thing is coming out of the grasshopper's head or going into the grasshopper's head, because I am really starting to think it is a UFO or a unicorn grasshopper. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, if you put "locust anatomy" in your search engine, many illustrations will come up detailing that the unknown 'unicorn' part is the animal's antennae. So while that doesn't eliminate any possible alien connection, it now has a name. ;)

Fay said...

I think the sunlight caught one of its antennae and it shows the colour spectrum through the window, or it's a Leprechaun disguised as a Grasshopper at the end of a rainbow LOL

jwolf said...

Nancy, It looks like one of your pink loopy loops. Are you sure your pink potholder is safe in it's hermetically sealed shadow box?!? I would sure hate for you to lose that! We'd be out of business for sure...

Anonymous said...

My best guess on this would be that he landed on your windshield and a rarely caught Sunbeam shined on the one antenn a and made it lighter n more colourful and more cool than the same ol same ol other one. I don't know but it is my guess. It is pretty cool whatever it is.... I am glad you snapped the photos .

cousin nancy said...

Hi All! Thank you for all of your comments. Mari, I am glad to know that it is a locust and that they have antennae, sort of like the rabbit ears we used on top our old black & white TVs. Our rabbit ears were covered in aluminum foil, because my parents believed that it improved the reception. So thank you, because you have solved my mystery even though i prefer to think that it is a UFO.

Fay, I like your locust logic, but I am going with your "a Leprechaun disguised as a Grasshopper, at the end of a rainbow.

Hi Jean! Thank you for being concerned about the safety of "my" heretically-sealed pretty, pink potholder, in the shadow box. Trust me, it is insured and it is safe and in good hands. But on the other hand, "the antennae" does sort of look like one of our leftover pink loopy-loops that I treasure. So for safety-sake—I have just put the six leftover pink, loopy-loops, inside the freezer, behind a frozen sack of strawberries. And I have just realized that I thought there were seven pink loopy-loops leftovers. Hmmm

Hi Anon! It is very interesting that you have determined that "it" is a male, because I naturally assumed that it was a she, because of the pinkish color. Anyway, I am so glad that you think whatever it is—is cool, too!

Thank all of y'all for your helpful input on this strange creature—from Outer Space or Ireland.