Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Night of The Iguana!

Yesterday was great and the only reason that I am writing this right now, on Thursday morning, @ 1:10 AM, is because I'm not sleepy and because Tony dared me to write about it.

But before I tell you about why he dared me to write about it, I want you to know that since last Friday my days have been great. And to put it all of it on a bumper-sticker:

1. Friday evening Tony and I went up to the Medina Highpoint Resort for their Friday Night All You Can Eat Catfish Dinner, which is always absolutely delicious and is also one of Tony's favorite places to eat fried catfish, in the Texas Hill Country. And it was a super fun evening, because the super, great band Exit 505 played outside, on their big patio. Bottom Line   the place was rockin'.

2. Saturday we had several people come out to visit our rescue ranch during our Open House and we spent that evening, doing some work over on our newly acquired property.

And, yes, that has been my big secret and I am letting it out-of-the-bag, at last. We are so thrilled with our new place and we love that it is so nearby. In fact, you will not believe how close it is to our rescue ranch. Anyway, I will tell you more about it, in my upcoming, soon-to-be-released Cowgirl Sisterhood: Part III novella.

3. Sunday Tony and I spent most of our day off over at our property.

4. Monday I baked Carol's totally delicious Chocolate Sheet Cake and I took some of it over to Kinky's. Bottom Line   Kinky is wild about it and he has become totally addicted to it.

5. Tuesday was great, because we met our good friend Sue, for lunch at the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant and we had a wonderful time with her. And during our fun lunch with Sue, Kinky showed up and he was surprised to see us there.

When he came up to our table, after greeting us, his first words were, "Cousin Nancy's chocolate sheet cake is the best cake that I've ever eaten. You could make a fortune baking those cakes..."

"Well, thank you, Kinky," I said. "But it is actually Carol's secret cake recipe. Not mine. She deserves all of the credit. And I agree that it is the best cake that we've ever eaten."

Actually, I was shocked, because I could not believe that I had admitted that it was Carol's secret recipe. And it was truly a first for me to admit that, because as everyone knows I always steal recipes from my friends and then I turn around and call them Cousin Nancy's...

Anyway, I am going to keep Carol's secret, best-ever Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe under-wraps, until I reveal it in my in my upcoming third novella, but please don't tell Carol. Because as excited as she already is about me making her a Top Bun, for her Christmas present, I am afraid that if I tell Carol about me including her Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe, in Part III—she might just get a big-head about it and then her little, hand-spun-bun-by-me will be way too small for her enlarged head.

So back to the story. While Kinky was standing there visiting with us and raving to Sue about how delicious my cake was and hoping that I would bake him another one real soon, our dear friend Harley Belew walked up to our table and greeted all of us. And then Kinky starts telling Harley all about my cake. Bottom Line   lunch was so much fun.

Okay, it is now 1:30, in the morning and that Z-zz-Quil that I took earlier is finally starting to kick-in thank goodness. So I am going to finish this post with what Tony dared me to write about.

Late this evening before we went to bed I went to the door to let our dogs go outside one more time. When I opened the front door the dogs ran outside and before I could close the door this creature, on our door jumped on me and then it bounced off of me and landed on the floor. Then it took off down the hallway. I was so shocked and startled, I half-hollered, "Tony! Come quick! There's an iguana in our house!"

I heard a chuckle, coming from the man-cave area and I could not believe that Tony's knee-jerk rescue-reaction was so slow. "There it is!" And then I pointed to it before it ran/crawled-fast, behind a box of books that I plan to drop off, at Wolfmueller's Books.

Tony laughed when he saw the little, six-inch critter, and then he said, "It's just a harmless gecko, Nance. Not an iguana."

"I know that. I meant to say, "a gecko," but I was in a total state of shock." And after Tony had quit teasing me about calling it an iguana he dared me to write about it. And so I have. And that's why I titled this post The Night of The Iguana.

Goodnight and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

Congratulations to you and Tony on your new home, how exciting! Glad it's close to where you are now, because I can still find you LOL So glad that beast was only a Gecko! Scary stuff! xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Yes, it will be only a skip, hop and a jump away from where we are right now and I'm sure if you bring Ian along—y'all will be able to find us. So, come on down!