Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wrong Number!

Last night I stayed up late, because I could not quit reading Marie Bostwick's book From Here to Home. I love this book so much and I did not want it to end, but I kept reading it, because I had to know how it ended.

I absolutely loved the ending, but I was sad that I had finished the book, because I love all of the characters and felt like I knew them. So before going to bed I went and purchased a Kindle version of Marie Bostwick's book Between Heaven and Texas (Another Too Much Texas novel.) So I could start reading it tonight.

Too Much is the name of Marie Bostwick's imaginary, little town, in Texas and Between Heaven and Texas is a novel that first introduces the main characters Mary Dell and her son, Howard, that grew up and lived in, Too Much.

When I went to bed I could not quit thinking about this fabulous book and one thing led to another. And the last thing that I remember before falling asleep was wanting to make a quilt, because throughout this book Mary Dell is the expert quilter and she has a very popular, cable TV show about quilting.

Today has been great. This morning Tony did his chores early, so we could go early to the Wild Birds Unlimited store, in Kerrville, so we could meet Jim Carpenter, the founder of Wild Birds Unlimited. He is also the author of The Joy Of Bird Feeding: The Essential Guide To Attracting And Feeding Our Backyard Birds and we wanted to get him to sign our copy of his awesome book.

Omg! We arrived around 9:15 and the parking lot was full and the inside of Kevin & Linda Pillow's Wild Birds Unlimited store was packed with smiling customers, waiting in line, to get their books signed by Jim. So we got in the line.

It was so cool, because everyone there seemed to be so happy including us, because this store has some of the best vibes, in Kerrville. When it was Tony's and my turn to meet Jim Carpenter, I took this picture of him, before we shook hands with him.

When Jim asked us our names, I said, "Tony and Nancy." Then Kevin, wearing a big grin on his face, steps up to the table, and says, "Tell him your real name."

"Cousin Nancy," I said. Then Kevin tells Jim about us being the people who run the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch with Kinky. And then Jim starts visiting with us and talking about animal rescue and their rescued dog while signing our book for us.

After we thanked Mr. Carpenter for signing our book I see Tricia and Jason, by the checkout counter and she was pointing her camera directly at us. So I quickly aimed my trusty iPhone camera at her and "shot" her while she "shot" us. And then we all started laughing just about the same time that our good friends Kris & Jim arrived to buy his book and get it signed.

While Kris was standing in line to get Jim Carpenter's autograph Tony and I stood around visiting with her and with Marguerite, Kevin & Linda, Jason and Tricia and Kris' husband, "The Mineral Man." And before we adios-ed everyone Tricia asked me for my phone number so she could send me the picture that she took of us. 

Then Tony and I went to the Save Inn Restaurant, which was packed with happy customers too, so we could eat breakfast. And to no one's surprise we ordered the exact same thing: Lisa's Sinker Taco Omelet, hash browns, biscuits & gravy and iced tea. And needless to say, "Our breakfast was totally delicious as it always is."

Then we made a quick stop, at the big H-E-B, on Main Street and came back home.

When we got home, I told Tony, "Since the rescue ranch is officially closed today I am going to go to that quilt shop, in Medina, because after reading that great book I want to make a quilt. I might be in there for thirty or forty minutes or so. Do you want to go with me?"

Five minutes later, we were headed to Medina. And on our way there, Tony asked, "What kind of quilt are you going to make?"

"I'm want to make one for Little Debbie." 

After Tony had chuckled, he said, "So you need two squares." Then he really started laughing and so did I. 

"I want to make a little one first to see if I can do it, because it actually is very hard to do."

"What if Little Debbie doesn't like it?"

"Then I'll make another one and we'll use them for place mats."

"You ought to call Carol and  ask her to meet you there."

"That's what I'm fixin' to do right now." Then I called Carol and left her a message about meeting me at the quilt store and us checking out the tiny house. 

Then Tony slowed down. "You can let me out right here and I'll walk down to the Old Timer when I am finished shopping." Then I more or less fell out of Trigger, but I didn't completely fall down, on the pavement, because I was still hanging onto Trigger's door. "Lucky me. I'll see you in a little bit."

Then I walked across the highway and went inside the Little Cottage Quilt Shop and was immediately greeted by the friendly owner, Donette Backlund. And while she and I were looking at her huge assortment of beautiful fabrics Carol called. "Nancy, it sounds fun. I'm leaving Bandera right now and will be there in just a few minutes."

About twelve minutes later, while I was talking to Donette about what I needed to get started quilting and the times of their quilting classes Carol arrived. And after I introduced Carol to Donette, Carol and I walked around admiring the beautiful fabrics while Donette talked to us about the art of quilting.

We stayed in this charming quilt shop for about twenty minutes, before I purchased a few necessary quilting supplies: a rotary wheel cutter, a cutting board and a giant plastic ruler. And before we left Donette gave me her business card.

Then Carol and I walked down Main Street aka Highway 16 to go check out that awesome Tiny House that was for sale. 

Then Carol and I walked back to her car and then she drove me down, to the Old Timer, so I could ride home with Tony.

On our way home I checked my phone, and said, "Hmm, I wonder why I haven't gotten Tricia's picture, yet?"

"What number did you give her?" Tony asked.

"Our rescue ranch number."

"That's why. Because you gave Tricia the wrong number. You should have given her your cell phone number."

"You're right. I forgot about that." 

So as soon as we got back home I called Wild Birds Unlimited and luckily Trisha answered the phone. And after I explained to her what I had done she asked me for my cell phone number and then she sent this picture to me.

And that's about it for now, because I am fixin' to start reading Between Heaven And Texas.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been watching more of Laugh In on Decades.Tv. I guess I was too young to pay attention to what was going on with the stars on the show. I had thought that Joanne Worley, Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin were constant stars on the show and from what I am seeing Ruth was the only ne that seemed to be on from start to finish. Do you ever talk to Ruth about her time on that show? Does she read your blog enough to see these comments? Ruth not only had a wonderful singing voice but a great body as well. I wished I had paid better attention to the show when it was actually on. I was curious why Lily, Goldie and Joanne did not stay the course and who Ruth liked as guest stars. Does she keep in contact with any of them??? Susie G in Fort Worth.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Ok, I'm going to be patient. I'm assuming your first quilt - possibly 'finished' without any outside assistance - will be larger than your first potholder. I'm thinking of taking bets on whether it will end up in a frame - next to the potholder, albeit displayed in a very balanced way.

I definitely look forward to the photo of the finished product.

Now don't forget to try for a minimum of 9 stitches to the inch. Your fingers are sometimes 'killing' you after a guitar jam session, so maybe the quilt-sewing pain won't be totally unfamiliar. LOL

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie and Mari! Susie, the next time that I see Ruthie I will ask her your questions. And Mari I am working on Little Debbie's quilt, but now you have inspired me to make a miniature quilt—the same size as the famous, pretty pink, potholder. And I will frame it, too.