Friday, April 21, 2017

Between Heaven and Texas/From Here to Home! or Cale/Kale!

Last night after blogging, I finally found the perfect places to display my beautiful, little, hand-carved, wooden bear and the Made-In-Mexico, turquoise, stained glass cross with the cobalt blue center, that I purchased when Carol, Lorri and I were shopping, at the Terlingua Trading Company. While our three husbands were outside drinking beers, on the famous front porch, listening to Chet O'Keefe jam with Marc Utter.

Anyway, I put my adorable, little bear, on the top shelf, next to the two cows candle holder that don't have candles in them. And I hung the pretty cross, from the top shelf, too—above my kitchen sink. Because I do spend a lot of time, in that area.

Then I spent the rest of the evening reading and savoring the last few pages of Marie Bostwick's fabulous book Between Heaven and Texas.

If you'll remember, a while back, my good friend Kris gave me her copy of Marie Bostwick's awesome book From Here to Home and I could not put it down, because I loved reading it and it touched my heart in several  ways.

And not knowing that it was actually the second book of Bostwick's Texas novels—I read them out of sequence. But it actually didn't matter at all, because these two books can each stand alone, because they are such great reads. And I know that Carol will agree with me on this.

Today has been great. After our great friends/dog-walking-volunteers had walked our dogs for us we all decided to eat lunch, at the Medina Highpoint Resort's Koyote Grill. And to say the least, "Our meals were absolutely delicious." Eileen and I both ordered their delicious Steak Salad and we highly recommend it, too.

When we were about to adios each other and leave in different directions, we asked our friend, Craig Newton, the great General Manager, "Who is playing tonight, during y'all's delicious All You Can Eat Catfish Dinner?"

"Paul Hilliard," he answered. And then Eileen asked him who would be playing there, in May, because she has some musician friends, from Nashville, coming to visit. And when he told us that Hogan & Moss would be performing twice, in May, I interrupted him and started telling Eileen about how great those two musicians were. 

And after I had quit raving about how great Jon Hogan's and Maria Moss' music was—Eileen could not wait to hear them. "I'm definitely coming to see them!" Eileen stated. "And I think we should get all of our volunteers to meet up here when they play. Wouldn't that be fun, Nancy?" I was so tired from talking so much about how great Hogan & Moss were—I just nodded my head. 

This afternoon when we got back to the rescue ranch, I told Tony, "Tony, last night I finished reading Between Heaven and Texas and I am just sick about it, because I love both of those books. Now, I don't have anything good to read, so I'm going to go to the Little Cottage Quilt Shop, in Medina and buy a few more yards of fabric, so I can work on my quilt."

The quilt shop was busy with friendly, quilting customers, so I strolled around the shop looking for more fabrics that would compliment the Crazy Quilt that I am already working on. And I found four more fabrics and I purchased them. And then I came back home.

A little while ago, I watched the most upbeat music, YouTube video of Eric Clapton performing, on stage, with JJ Cale, my rock 'n roll hero, playing that great song Call Me The Breeze, that JJ Cale wrote and Lynrd Skynrd made famous. It has had over 3 million views and it is totally awesome and here's the link to it

And while I was watching that video and enjoying the music, with the volume cranked up high, it reminded me that I had planned to fix us this new salad recipe I had found for our lunch today, but as you already know I didn't, because we ate lunch, at the Koyote Grill. 

Anyway, I think it is kind of weird that I was, sitting here, listening to JJ Cale and thinking about that Brussels Sprouts With Kale salad recipe, that is served with a Maple Syrup vinaigrette—at the exact same time. Get it? Cale/Kale. 

And tonight before I finish writing this I want to let you know that Tony and I won the race back to Medina, because Carol & Bill had to make a pit stop, at a roadside rest area, for their dogs: Scout and Pepper to exercise and for them to take care of "business." And all that I have to say about that is S*&% Happens!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  

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