Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pickin' & Grinnin'! or Spin To The End!

Today has been great. This morning our dear friend Gerry Olert, the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch's and my Official Videographer, came out to visit us this morning and we had a total blast visiting with him.

During our fun visit with Gerry I showed him my new banjo and then told him how easy it was to play and about how much I was enjoying playing it. Tony asked me to play it for him, so I went to my computer, then to the YouTube Channel I had found, a while back, on How To Play The Banjo: Lesson One. Then I sat down and played a couple of songs with this YouTube banjo instructor.

Not to brag, but Gerry was pretty impressed. Gerry is a great guitarist, so I handed him my banjo and let him watch that, same, 6 minute long, beginner lesson, where this instructor quickly teaches you how to play the C, D7th, G and Em banjo chords. And then you get to play the two songs with him, like I had just done. Bottom   Line: Gerry played great and he was excited about how easy it is to play the banjo. So I replayed that same YouTube video, again and restarted it, near the end, after the lesson, where you get to play along with the instructor. And Gerry was playing as good as the instructor or even better.

Because our good friend was so excited about learning how to play the banjo, I took out my guitar, so he and I could play some more music. And we started picking' & grinnin' until both our fingers got sore and they were starving. Then we went, to Kerrville and ate lunch together, before adios-ing each other and going our separate ways.

This afternoon, after we got back to the ranch, I checked my email. And omg, Kris sent me the cutest story, that has a very happy ending, about this 10 year old, Great Pyrenees named General, that escaped from an animal hospital—by opening four doors.

After reading the story I watched the surveillance video of him opening these doors and wandering around the hospital and the office before leaving the building. I was laughing so hard it made my back start aching and then it made my heart ache, because General reminded me so much of my many beloved Pyrs—especially sweet Mama.

For some reason all Great Pyrenees instinctively know how to open doors and gates to escape—without having any training. And Mama was one of the best at doing that. Like the time, many, many years ago, when late one night, she opened the front yard gate and let herself out and then wandered off for several hours before finally returning, to The Cabin, at 2:30 AM.

I was worried about her taking off, so I stayed up reading while I waited for Mama to return which in a way was a sad mistake. Because when Mama finally appeared at the front door I was so filled with joy I opened the door to let her come back inside.

Mama was so glad to be back home again she rushed inside The Cabin and then ran straight back to our bedroom and was followed by that recognizable, foul scent—Eau-de-Skunk. And before I could stop her and get her to go back outside—she jumped up on our bed and nearly bounced Tony off of the bed and then she started rolling all over the blanket trying to remove the freshly, sprayed oil of Eau-de-Skunk.

It's a long story and it is funny to me now and I know that I have blogged about it a very long time ago. Anyway, I need to finish writing this post before it turns into another book. So to put a happy spin to the end of tonight's post I hope that you will take the time to enjoy reading and watching the hilarious video of General's caught-on-camera escape. Because I promise that it will put a big smile on your face.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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