Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I Am So Glad!

Today has been great just like yesterday was. Early this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to eat lunch with our good friends.

Last month the six of us had decided to eat, at Hippie Chicks Bakery & Bistro, because we had heard rave reviews about their delicious food, so we decided that we wanted to give it a try and find out for ourselves. And I am so glad that we did.

When Tony and I arrived, at this super cool bakery and bistro with really great vibes, our friends Les & Denise were already there and they were visiting with their good friend, Lorraine LeMon, so they immediately introduced us to Lorraine. And I am so glad they did.

Lorraine had already eaten and she was on her way out when we met her, so we only got to visit with her for just a few minutes. I was immediately impressed with Lorraine LeMon and I knew that I wanted to get to know her better, because she is such a great woman doing great work with her Art2Heart organization—"Using arts to reach the hearts..." And before we adios-ed Lorraine I asked her to please give me a business card. And she handed these two cards to me.

After Lorraine had left the building and before Kris & Jim had arrived, Les handed me a copy of his Hill Country CHARM magazine, with it already opened up to the page with the story about Lorraine LeMon and her great work that she is doing.

While I was finishing reading this very interesting article about Lorraine LeMon, Kris & The Mineral Man arrived. And after handshakes and hugs we went up to the counter to place our orders.

Tony and I ordered the exact same thing, of course—Italian Meatball Subs and iced tea and I am so glad, because they were totally delicious. But when it came down to our dessert choices Tony chose their Apple Turnover and I chose their Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and so did Kris & Jim and Denise. We had outnumbered him four to one.

And to say the least—we loved their delicious, award-winning Chocolate Mousse and Tony thought their Apple Turnover was so tasty he was actually tempted to order another one. And I am so glad that he didn't, because he and I are doing our Semi-Diet plan that we came up with a while back. 

Our Semi-Diet plan is very simple to follow. Our motto is: out of site—out of mind, but if we see it—we get to eat it. And yes, I know that it is a weird diet that we came up with, but for us it works most of the time. And that's why we named it the Semi-Diet.

Anyway, before I finish writing this tonight I want to get the word out and spread the good news about how great Hippie Chicks Bakery & Bistro is. I highly recommend that y'all give it a try and eat there, because I promise that you'll love it, too. 

In fact, before we adios-ed our friends and left this super-cool eating establishment, this afternoon, we decided that next month we will eat there again. And I am so glad.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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