Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Head Was Spinning!

Last night I re-watched that great movie A Street Cat Named Bob and I enjoyed watching it as much as I had the first time I watched it.

Then I surfed around, on Netflix, to watch something funny and I found Jim Gaffigan: Cinco and he was so hilarious it caused my back to start aching, because I was laughing so much. But I kept on watching the King of Clean Comedy.

In one part of his brilliant comic routine he made an observation about people never talking when they are inside an elevator and it hit so close to home—I laughed so hard that Henry Standing Bear barked and then came running, into the big room, to see if I was okay and that made me laugh even harder.

And the reason that I found Jim Gaffigan's remark about no one ever talking on elevators to be so funny was because Kinky had just done that to me when I had called him, yesterday morning, to let him know that Fay & Ian and their daughter and boyfriend were coming to his show that night. And our conversation went something like this:

"Hi Kinky!"

"Hello Nance! Is everything okay?"

"Yes. I've called, because I have two things to tell you."

"Wait a minute, Nance. Can you please hold on for just a minute?" Kinky asked, sounding a little bit agitated. "I can't talk, because I'm in an elevator right now. Hold on."


After I had waited for at least a half a minute, Kinky finally says, "Okay, I can talk now. Are The Friedmans doing okay?"


"How are Sophie and Mr. Pee doing?...."Then I told him about Fay & Ian coming to his show, in Buffalo and that they were bringing their daughter and her boyfriend.

Today has been great. This morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee I returned a few e-mails and phone calls. Then I decided to check out the cost of spinning wheels and it literally through me for a loop, because even the cheapest ones are pretty pricey.

And during my exhausting, intense, five-minute research, on the cost of spinning wheels, this adorable potholder, popped up on Amazon and I immediately knew that it was meant as a sign for me and I took it seriously.

First, I wondered if it was warning me that I would look exactly like that old woman spinning yarn, while I spun our dog's hair together. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning—that maybe I should consider making Carol a pretty potholder instead of a bun, for her Christmas present. It certainly would be less expensive and I already have the expensive equipment (A $10.00 loom) and a bag over 300 loopers, that is collecting dust, on a shelf in my office.

I felt confused and my head was spinning. Because since going out, to Terlingua, I've had my heart set on making Carol a little bun to wear, on the top of her head. So not wanting to give up so easily on my idea of making Carol a small bun, out of our dog's hair, I chose to dig a little deeper. 

And I am so glad that I did, because I watched this great YouTube video on how to use a spinning wheel. And after watching it and paying very close attention to all of the details to the art of spinning yarn—it was pretty clear to me that Carol ain't getting a homemade bun, from me, for Christmas. 

Feeling so relieved with my decision to save money and just get Jean to help me make another pretty potholder for Carol's Christmas present I poured myself another delicious cup of Donut Shop Coffee and then our dogs and I went, into Outer Space, to enjoy the beautiful, Spring morning. 

While I was in Outer Space enjoying the weather with my best friends a bad thought came into my head and I nearly choked on my coffee. "Omg!" I said to our dogs. What if Jon's sister tries to charge me an arm and a  leg to make Carol's stupid Christmas gift? She might hold me hostage, because she knows that I can't make a potholder by myself."

With Henry giving me that familiar puzzled look, on his face, like "Are you totally crazy or what?" 

I wiped away my spilled coffee on my shirt and then I smiled at Henry, and said, "I think I'll just give Carol one of my used Carl Hiaasen books for Christmas. She'll never know if it's a new or a used copy. Problem solved. Let's go back inside."

 Y'all have a great day and evening and keep on laughing!

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