Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Last week my back went out, but the good news is it is finally almost back to normal. A week ago after my back went out I tried being creative with ways to help pass the time while being attached to a heating pad.

 I've spent my time having daily, heated conversations with my beautiful family and friends and doing jigsaw puzzles on my iPad.

FYI: My sweet sister Cindy is the one who suggested that I try doing the puzzles while listening to my favorite music and it has kept me sane. Or at least normal, during these stressful times.

So I am now addicted to doing these great jigsaw puzzles, but I must admit that when I first started doing them I started out as a beginner—using only 12 -24 pieces, which is the suggested level for ages 4 - 6. And not to brag, but to brag, they were uncomplicated and very easy.

🧩 🧩 🧩

And I know you must be thinking "how sad." But please don't worry about me for being so dumb, because I am now doing 45-75 piece jigsaw puzzles. And just so y'all will know my favorite puzzles are the dog and animal puzzles. And 45-75 pieces is considered normal for ages 7-10. And yes, I am bragging, again.

And once again, I know you must be thinking "how sad." But not to worry, because today I plan to jump up to the next higher age level. So please wish me luck with that.

But I do have one suggestion for these fabulous jigsaw puzzle-makers. I wish they would include the level suggested for senior citizens, because I am 68. But then again I am not sure this is such a great idea, because they might put me into the 12 -24 piece range bracket, again. And then use fireworks to go off after completing a simple puzzle. So that could cause some embarrassment if you're not thick skinned.

With my back on the mend, I have started taking long, one hour walks, because years ago I read that walking is the best thing to correct back problems. And I know it works, because whenever my back has gone out in the past—walking is always the best medicine. And so are a couple of glasses of cheap, red, boxed-wine every night.

Please note that during this time I've also cooked, read several great books by Robyn Carr and I have worked on promoting my latest book The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Terlingua Treasure MapAnd my latest accomplishment was having to create my Author Central page, on Amazon, which is basically a bio about me to help readers find out who I am.

And trust me, creating this page was much harder to write than any jigsaw puzzle I've completed so far. But I do wish that fireworks had gone off after having posting it. And you can check it out here.

Well, it is now time for me to get back to heating my back to wellness and delving into some more jigsaw puzzle solving.

Stay safe and healthy and keep on laughing!


Simply OK said...

OMG. So does your Husband fit in there,just asking??

cousin nancy said...

Hi Simply OK! Tony won't do the jigsaw puzzles, but he loves my cooking! And he spends most of his time outdoors taking beautiful pictures. Thank you for asking.