Saturday, April 4, 2020

It's Still Raining Here! or The Great Depression!

It is still raining here, so I am still waiting to do my PSA (Parker-Simons Announcement). Earlier today I was talking to my sweet sister Cindy and we were talking about the pandemic and other difficult, hard times in U.S history.

Anyway, we were naming off World War I, World War II, Vietnam, etc. But after she said,  "And the Great Depression and—" I started to laugh, but not because that was funny.

I interrupted her, and said, "Heck we're going through The Great Depression right now too, because I'm depressed, you're depressed and everybody that I've talked to is depressed, too." And before my sister and I adios-ed each other she told me that she wanted to send me three pictures to look at to make me laugh. And these are what she sent: (And I am still laughing.)

Then Ronnie, my brother called and told me to look at my e-mail. And this is what he sent:

Y'all stay safe and healthy and keep laughing!

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