Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Relieved That It Hadn't Fallen!

This past week has been so unbelievable. A week ago today Tony went to the big H-E-B, in Kerrville to pick up a few needed groceries and it was no big deal. I didn't go with him, because I was  staying home so I could finish my second edit on my book.

I was thrilled with my editing, because I was able to spice it up with a lot more humor, so Thursday evening Tony and I had a fun happy hour celebrating how good I felt about my book improvements.
Life was good.

Then Friday was the blackest Friday that I've lived through in my sixty-eight years on the Planet. And  on Saturday the news about this horrible virus just continued to get worse and worse by the hour. So like many of you—I got very depressed and tried to fight off panicking.

By Sunday, I had heard enough scary news, so I turned off the news stations blasting me/us with doomsday Latest-Breaking News. So I went outside and looked up at the sky to see if was falling.

Relieved that it hadn't fallen yet, I came back inside and I called Ronnie, my sweet older brother and then I called Cindy, my sweet older sister, in hopes they could help me calm my nerves and cheer me up.

It helped talking to them, but they were in as much shock as I was. And for the very first time in my entire life when visiting with my beloved family members—not one of us laughed once during our long conversations. And I really needed to laugh, because I was literally stressed out to the max.

So, I called my dear friend Cindy, who lives in a beautiful, off-grid adobe hacienda, in Northern New Mexico. Sadly, neither she or I laughed once, too. And by the end of our conversation we did agree on one thing—the world we live in no longer makes any sense and that we are living in strange times.
And before we adios-ed each other Cindy recommended that I watch the movie Snow Walker, on Netflix and to listen to the beautiful music of Deva Premal & Miten Gayfatri Manose to help calm my nerves. "The mantras are ancient Sanskrit. Their music is famous all around the world..."

So I found Deva & Miten's awesome music on Pandora and then I went and took a nap with my four-laggers while listening to their calming music. And that night I watched Snow Walker and I loved it, too. Then I went to bed feeling much better about the Universe.

The next morning I refused to listen to the news while checking my e-mail. And the good news is sweet Mari sent me the cutest picture that has gone viral on the Internet and—it made me laugh out loud!

Mari's subject line was: Saint Bernards Ready To Assist In Emergency and when I opened her note here is the picture that she had sent to me:

I was so thankful that Mari had made me laugh and had lifted my spirits I immediately responded to her e-mail:

"The Saints know how to roll with it!"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. The sky in Medina still hasn't fallen, yet. So it is Onward Through The Fog! PEACE & LOVE


CLK said...

Reading Road to Utopia. Loving it. Happy/Sad as Tim Buckley said. Also enjoy your blog.��CL Kolodny

cousin nancy said...

Hi CL! Thank you for letting me know that you're enjoying my 1st book and my blog. I used to blog daily, but have had to cut back. Take care and keep on laughing!