Monday, March 23, 2020

A Burning Desire! or Old Habits!

Today has been great. This morning I had a burning desire. A burning desire to work outside, because  I've been sick with cabin-fever, because for the past few days it has been chilly and raining outside.

While Tony and I were drinking coffee together and maintaining our distance of six feet away from each other—he caught my drift, so to speak. And an hour later, I heard him outside cranking up the weed-whacker.

So I went outside, because I wanted to offer to do some weed-eating and that is when I noticed that he already had a fire going in our fire pit, so we could burn some logs, brush, tree limbs, etc. And this is a picture of Beau sitting on top of our round table, as I tried to take a picture of the fire burning up on the hill.

But it wasn't a very good picture of the fire, so I took this one.

All of our grass and weeds have doubled in height since the rains, so I offered to weed-eat the area between our circular driveway, because it needed it badly. But Tony refused my offer and began whacking away in the area between the driveway, that I had offered to do. Here are before and after pictures of his accomplishments. Shabby lawn—pretty lawn.

While Tony trimmed up the area around my mural I started hauling brush and branches over to the fire pit and started pitching them in to burn. And after making several long hauls to the burn pile, I realized that using one of our wheelbarrows would save time and effort—until I filled it up and I could not make it budge an inch.

So while Tony pushed the wheelbarrow up the hill to the fire pit for me—I went inside to get our gloves and bring back some music, so we could whistle while we worked, so to speak. 

And minutes later, when we took a break we were listening to my music playing outside on our Harmon/Kardon bluetooth speaker. But I found it extremely hard to whistle to Paul Simon singing Graceland, because of my dentures and Tony didn't even bother to try to whistle. He was just happy that I wasn't playing my latest, nerve-calming New Age music.

By 2:00, after we ate lunch (beans and cornbread) our job outside was completed, so as the fire continued to burn the remainder of the brush,  logs and limbs, etc. we came inside and took a short break. Then Tony walked down to our mailbox to retrieve our mail.

There was a notice from the Medina Post Office that I had a package to pick up, so Tony offered to "run" to Medina to pick it up for me to save me a trip, so I could get back to my editing.

Before he left he asked me what I had bought and I told him that it was a secret. Because several days ago I went to Amazon and purchased Taster's Choice DeCalf House Blend coffee, because our supply was running low. Because the last time we went to get groceries both Walmart and H-E-B were out of stock of Taster's Choice.

When Tony returned home, he remarked, "This box is very light. What did you buy?" I told him it was a secret and promised him that he would like it and then I asked him to open the box for me, because I was in the middle of editing a sentence.

After Tony opened up the box he held up the box of Taster's Choice—single servings, and said, "Why did you get us 80 single servings?" 

"It was the only thing that they had at the time. Let's drink a cup of coffee so we can try out the single serve packets?" Bottom   Line: Old habits are hard to break. The coffee was delicious, but Tony wasn't happy about the portion size, because he likes to use a heaping teaspoon—not a level teaspoon for his morning coffees.

So after Tony went back into his man-cave with his cup of coffee, I decided to empty all 80 packets, minus the two that we had already used, into our almost empty jar of Taster's Choice. And I got it all done before I had finished watching one episode of Cheers.

And after I had told Tony what I had done—he was more than thrilled that I had done this for him.

As I finish writing this tonight, I just went outside to check on the fire and all is good—ashes to ashes! Mission accomplished!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! And please stay safe and healthy!

P.S. I love the song Norwegian Wood and I love Deva Primal & Miten's version!

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