Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bathroom Humor!

This morning my dear friend Mari sent me a couple of e-mails. These made me laugh out loud. But WARNING—it is bathroom humor!

I wish I new the cartoonist name and the clever person's name, so I could give them credit.

Anyway, I am editing this morning and will write more tonight.

FYI: I am leaning towards doing the podcasting videos, but it is not set in stone, yet.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you removed your info on the-was it CDC Statistics hopefully not due to someone's comment. Nancy always be you be real no matter what. True friends and fans will be that-true. Take care of the ones the loves within your world. If there is more or different to do, you will see it and know it.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! Thank you for your concern and kind words. I removed that post about CDC statistics, because I felt bad about possibly adding more negativity into this crazy world that we live in. Because there is so much negativity everywhere—I just want to try to lift spirits and hopefully make someone laugh. Take care and keep on laughing.

P.S. I bet if you Google these words: "I was just thinking, cousin nancy blog"—you can find it, because once it is out there—it is out there forever.