Thursday, January 9, 2020

Jelly Roll!

Yesterday morning Tony and I met Lisa and Kris at a secret location (Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant) in Kerrville for our first AACC (Ancient Aliens Coffee Club).

Sweet Eileen was supposed to come, but could not make it, because she had "pastel painted herself into a corner" at her art class, in Boerne. The Mineral Man (Kris' husband) was a no-show too and Kris was a little vague about why he could not make it. But no worries they will both be at the next meeting.

Tony and I were the first to arrive at our secret destination and we got to have a fun visit with Lisa and catch up with her and Randy's news.

Lisa was second to show up and before she even sat down at our table, she and I were already talking about things we needed to discuss at our first AACC meeting.

By the time Kris arrived we gave Lisa, the owner, our orders and Tony and I ordered the exact same thing. Then our meeting commenced.

Right off the bat, we all agreed what our secret hand signal would be and what our secret code word would be. Then we talked non-stop about how much we love watching the History Channel's Ancient Alien show.

While we ate our delicious breakfast, Lisa and Kris talked about the British author and scientists, Arthur C. Clarke, the famous science fiction writer that wrote the book 2001: A Space Odyssey, and who worked closely with Stanley Kubrick on the 1968 movie with the same title. And besides Clarke writing many other award-winning science fiction books Clarke also wrote 2010: A Space Odyssey and  2061: A Space Odyssey.

I felt like a dummy, because I had never heard of Arthur C. Clarke and I could only remember that I had liked the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and that Hal, the computer, had really scared me.

I was thrilled that I had remembered at least that much about the movie, since it was made over 51 years ago. And before I rejoined the conversation I wondered to myself if Alexa is maybe the new Hal?

When Kris and Lisa were telling me about the face on Mars, Lisa grabbed her cellphone and showed me this picture.

After I got over the shock of seeing this Mars man or martian, I told them about me writing a blog about watching Nasa's Unexplained Files where they sent a land rover out on Mars surface and it came back with a half-eaten jellyroll. "And Nasa has never been able to explain it, because it is actually a half-eaten jellyroll left there by someone or some thing...."

Anyway, after everyone had quit laughing I realized that we had finished eating breakfast, so I announced, "I am so excited about our Ancient Aliens Coffee Club and all of this. When I get home I am going to Buy Clarke's books: 2010: A Space Odyssey and 2061: A Space Odyssey and....And as soon as I finish writing my 3rd Cowgirl Sisterhood novella I am going to retire the Cowgirl Sisterhood for a while and write another fiction book about our AACC going on a fact-finding mission/adventure in Terlingua! And we could meet/get abducted or something by some aliens."

"Then I think all of us should go out to Terlingua," Lisa suggested.

"Me too," Kris said. "A field trip."

"And while we are out there we could make a short movie, too!" I said. "Starring Little Debbie of course, and we could wear our alien-attracting helmets (upside down pot pie tines tied down on our heads) that I made for our Longmire—Texas Style video spoof....And Chet O'Keefe could star in it too and we could ask him to write the soundtrack for it...." The wheels were set in motion and already turning—so to speak.

Before Tony and I adios-ed our friends, Kris and Lisa promised me that they would watch the movie Paul and I promised them to read Clarke's books before our next meeting and that I would send them the link to my blog post about the jellyroll on Mars.

So, as I finish writing this I want to give you the link to my June 5, 2015: A Roll or Flat Tire! blog post about the jellyroll found on Mars.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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