Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Pranksgiving! or Moon Pies!

Today has been great and I am happy to report that last night Stephen K. Morris' awesome music was a big hit with the fun crowd, at the Medina Highpoint Resort.

On my last blog I promised to tell you about the prank I played on our dear friend, Jeff Severson. Many years ago, because of dear Carol, who is dear friends with Jeff and his sweet Lori, introduced us to Jeff and since that time Carol has always made sure to get us together with Jeff & Lori when they come to visit her & Bill.

For several years Jeff & Lori have come down to Carol's ranch to spend Thanksgiving with her & Bill. In fact, it has become a "family" tradition, so to speak. And when Lori & Jeff are down here Jeff and I always get to do a little picking & grinning and it is so much fun. And please note that Jeff is a much better musician than me hands down. 

In fact he is actually a professional actor/retired pro football player who earned 4 or 5 Super Bowl rings/singer/songwriter/ musician known worldwide as "Jeff Severson The Singing Cowboy." Here is a picture of Jeff.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving Lori & Jeff spent Thanksgiving with Carol & Bill, up in Weatherford instead of at Carol's. And Carol called me and she gave me a heads-up before Lori & Jeff arrived, at Bill's place. "Nancy, be on alert about Jeff pulling a prank on you. They should be here any minute and I promise you that within the first hour Jeff is going to ask me about you and then give you a prank phone call."

With that said, I prepared myself to be ready to receive one of "Bob's" (Jeff's prankster alias) crazy phone calls. And sure enough, a few hours later, Jeff called me and left this hilarious message, on Carlton. With his voice changed to sound more like a redneck, he said, "Hello. Hello. This is Bob and I need a turkey—now. Please get me a turkey...."

When Tony and I listened to his message we were nearly rolling on the floor. But because we had company, I didn't return his call, because I had decided to wait and return his phone call as soon as I came up with a good prank to play on him.

The following day Jeff called me again and left another message on Carlton. This time Jeff went on and on about needing a turkey which made Tony and me burst out laughing when we heard it. Tony urged me to call him back, but I didn't because I had not come up with a good-enough prank to play on him. So I let it slide until Thanksgiving morning. This is the e-mail that I sent to Carol around 11:00 Thursday morning:

"Hi Carol! I received Jeff's aka Bob's 2 hilarious phone calls about needing a turkey. I am finally ready to get him back. Here's the plan and you must be a good actor:

1. Tell Jeff and everyone (i want to also get Lori and Bill, too.) that you just got an e-mail from Tony telling you that I've been totally exhausted and depressed about.... and please tell Jeff that Tony has asked you to please ask Jeff to please quit calling me, because I am a basket case, etc. 

2. Then tell them that Tony told you that I've been so depressed that each time that Jeff (Bob) called that I burst out in tears when I heard his message, because i am so sad they didn't come down here.

3. Now let that sink in for a minute or two until Jeff, Bill and Lori feel bad about Jeff calling me and depressing me more.

4. Then call me so I will know that it is working and then act like I am crying on the phone, because I am so sad and make sure to do it in front of Jeff, Bill and Lori. Then tell Jeff that I want to talk to him so i can say, "I got you Jeff, Bill and Lori!"

I plan to be here for the next hour or so and then we are going over to the property to work, so, if y'all are not around we can do it later today…Nancy"

About an hour later Carol called me, and she whispered into the phone, "This is perfect. We just went for a short walk and while we were walking Jeff said that he wondered why you haven't called him back." Then Carol and I burst out laughing.

"Okay, Nancy. I am going to call you right back." Click. 

"Hello Nancy?" Are you okay? We miss you and.....(I talked back to Carol trying to sound like I was depressed, etc. in case Lori, Jeff and Bill could hear me.) "Nancy, I am going to put you on Speaker Phone now, because everyone wants to talk to you." 

"Happy Thanksgiving Nancy," the three said in unison and they sounded like they felt sorry for me and I was loving it. "We miss you and Tony," Jeff said, sounding very serious.

"Next year we are all coming to Carol's," Jeff proclaimed, in an effort to try to cheer me up and I had heard enough.

I started laughing and then in the background Tony started laughing and then Carol burst out laughing, on the other end, "Ha, ha, ha. I got you Jeff! I mean Bob and Lori and Bill!" Then there was a moment of silence, in Weatherford, Texas, until they had figured out my (and Carol's) prank. "I'm not depressed at all, y'all. You fell for it hook, line and sinker...." I said between fits of laughter. 

Later that evening Carol sent me this e-mail: 

"Jeff's brain is in overdrive trying to come up with a way to pull One on you 😊 
You got him good!
I miss y'all and I'll be home in a day or two. Happy Thanksgiving!"

Late this morning Tony, Little Girl and I went, over to the property, to meet up with our dear friend Ellen and her super-nice friend Curtis, because sweet Ellen was ready to adopt Little Girl from us. But before Ellen signed-off on Little Girl's adoption form, she gave Tony and me two-mini Moon Pies, and said, "Today is Moon Pie Day and we're celebrating its 100th Anniversary...."

Tony and I love Moon Pies and I was so excited about it I forgot to take a picture of Ellen and Little Girl's adoption. But at least here's a picture of our mini Moon Pies, before we ate them.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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