Sunday, December 3, 2017

With A Little Help From Our Friends!

Tony and I have been busy this past week and when we were not doing rescue ranch work we were doing cabin work and it has been fun, but somewhat tiring.

Anyway, this past week we worked, on The Cabin's bedroom and it is finally almost finished. So here are just a few before, during and after pictures.

Here are the before pictures, right after we purchased the cabin. Before June and Ellen had the time to get their furnishings.

Tony and I loved the bedroom just the way it was. But because I enjoy decorating so much this is what we ended up doing with a little help from our dear friends: Aaron, Tom & Marie. So here we go.

This picture shows half of the bedroom's walls done (log cabin style) using some of the old floor from my pink writing cabin. Tony and I stained every 1"x4" and my permanently-stained fingers and nails can prove it.

This picture shows that we've finished the walls and on the left we put up one of the blinds from the pink cabin.

Last night I stayed up late and made curtains for the bedroom. In this picture we have put up the blinds on all of the other windows and we hung two, small lamps above the beds.


As you can see Tony and I are thrilled with our "cabin" bedroom and to top it off, we put my mother's  homemade rubber tree that I truly cherish. Because back in 1959 or 1960 my mom and her best friend Lucia got creative and decided to make rubber trees.

I remember it well, because I remember watching Mom and Lucia pouring this gooey, green plastic stuff, into various, leaf-sized molds and then baking them in our kitchen. It made sense to me, because like Mom neither of us could ever grow anything. So making a plastic, "rubber tree" made total sense to me. And the best part of it was she never had to water it.

And since my dear mother's passing, almost 20 years ago, I've kept her/my rubber tree with me through the good times and the sad times and I've never once watered it, even though once a year I do dust it.

Please note that my Yoda Lisa hangs, on the back wall, between the two beds, so I hung my "Yo Mama" picture, on the wall between the bedroom and the back porch, but it is hard to see in this photo I took.

I cherish these two pictures, because back in 1993 or 1994 when Jim and I bought our first Apple computer, I figured out how to cut & paste using our Adobe PhotoShop software, before I even learned how to use ClarisWorks (Apples's version, back then, of MicroSoft).

Anyway, after I cut & pasted Yoda's picture on the Mona Lisa and on Whistler's Mother I had them printed. And I sent copies of them to David Letterman. And before I left Austin and had moved to Utopia, Texas—David Letterman actually held up my Yoda Lisa picture and he showed it to his television audience, saying something like, "A crazy lady in Texas sent this to me.... "

And that's about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to make a matching navy blue checkered curtain to hang, on the bedroom's back door window.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Wow Nancy, it's looking great! You and Tony are really doing a nice job and I can hardly wait to see it in person. Jean

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! I am glad that you like what we've done so far. May be during the holidays we can have you, Sandy & Jon come out for some hot chocolate. It could be BYOB, so please remember to bring the chocolate or beer.