Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Rug!

I am sorry for not writing much this past week, but I am not sorry for all of the things we've accomplished, over at the property. And, because I am tired I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story tonight.

This is the kitchen and we built the shelves using the wood that used to be underneath the cabin's floor.

This is the front of our cabin, before we decided to spruce it up and eventually, we will turn the entire outside of the cabin using this stained wood. And soon we will replace the front door with our new, red, metal door that was built-in blinds.

We were so happy with the front of the house we decided to build a deck using some of our old lumber.

Then we decided that we wanted a covered front porch, instead of just a deck.

And while Aaron was busy, outside, putting the metal roof, on the front porch, using the old Outer Space roofing, Kris & Jim came out to give us their house/cabin warming gift. And here are Jim and Tony putting together the bench that they gave to us. And it is the most comfortable bench that we have ever had. "Thank you, Kris & Jim!"

An hour later, here is the finished, covered front porch, with Kris & Jim's bench being the center piece, on the porch.

Early this afternoon, my sweet sister Cindy came to visit us and she was anxious to see what all we've done to our cabin and she loved everything. Her favorite part was the shelving made out of these old, 1950's 2'x4's that were used as the pier and beam supports, underneath the cabin.

To celebrate my sister coming to see us and because it was chilly outside, we decided that today would be the first "Lighting of the Wood Burning Stove" for the very first time. Tony took the role of fire-man and in no time flat our new wood burning stove, that I bought over a year ago, was heating up the cabin nicely.

This is a picture of the wall you see when you first enter the cabin and I am still decorating it. And please note that I made the bookcase using some of our old, recycled lumber. At the bottom, left corner, of this picture is the head of my dog statue that we (Tony) put, in front of the wood burning stove.

And there he is, laying in front of the wood burning stove, on the cold tile. And right after Tony put him there I realized that my dog statue, that I treasure, deserved to have a rug to be resting on, instead of the cold, hard tile.

So early this evening, after Cindy left to go back to Austin, we came back home and I got busy making a rag rug for my dog statue, to rest on, in front of our super-cool wood burning stove. And this is what I made.

My rug is approximately 30"x18" and I used many different colors: yellows, turquoise, reds, blues, greens, etc. and I am thrilled how it finally turned out. And I cannot wait to take it over to the cabin, tomorrow afternoon, and get Tony to place it underneath my heavy dog statue.

I promise to take a picture of it so you can see how it looks and please do not worry about my rug catching on fire, because I used the back of an old, metal sign to paint my rug on. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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