Friday, November 3, 2017

The Finger!

This has been a really weird week for me. Some of it not so good, some it really bad and some of it really good.

On Monday we had three of our rescue dogs returned to us for different reasons, so that was not so good. These dogs were happy to come back "home" and they seem to be doing just fine.

For the most part of the week Tony and I have been spending all of our spare time working, over at the property and in our opinion we've accomplished a lot considering our age.

Anyway, yesterday morning I was in a great mood, but not long after that I went into a full-blown tail-spin, because this creep, driving a dark, maroon Tundra pickup tied his beautiful, male, Chocolate Lab to our rescue ranch's gate, using a thin, short piece of rope. Leaving his sweet, but confused, happy dog with only a very small bowl of water to drink—until we found him.

Tony was the one who actually found this dog tied to our gate, because I was already working, over at the property.

So Tony fed the dog and put him into a pen and after Tony had done his morning chores outside he came, over to the property, to tell me about this poor dog being tied to our gate. Tony was madder than a wet hen about it and I just got really depressed, so I just focused all of my attention on working really hard, so I wouldn't have to think about this poor dog being dumped.

Anyway, last night I had intended on writing a post for my blog, but because I was feeling so down about this dog being abandoned I did a little bit of reading and then just went to bed.

This morning after I got up Tony told me that he had some good news, "Last night I told Karon (yes, that is how she spells her name with an "o"), on Facebook, about the Chocolate Lab and she is coming out early this morning to check him out, because she has been wanting to get another Lab...."

Bottom   Line: Karon instantly fell in love with this Chocolate Lab and tonight this lucky, Labrador is getting to know his new family. Here is a picture that I took this morning of this super sweet dog, before Karon came out and adopted him and took him home. And I must confess that I was some what in a hurry this morning, to get over to the property and "the finger" that you see in the photo below belongs to me.

The rest of our day has been great, because several of our friends came, over to the property, to visit with us. First came our dear friends Alison & Blake, from Austin, who were actually, over at the rescue ranch, when Karon came out and adopted the lucky Lab. 

And after the adoption they followed Tony, over to the property and while we were visiting, inside The Cabin, with them sweet Carol showed up, so we all sat around and had a fun visit with all of them. 

And later on, as we were outside adios-ing Blake & Alison— Tom & Marie showed up, because they are Winter-Texans, from Minnesota and they could not wait to see us and the property.

So as I finish writing this tonight—Life Is Good, once again, at the rescue ranch.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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Anonymous said...

Sure hope this is a better week for you and no troubles .