Friday, September 9, 2016

Recipes! or Super Dog!

Today and the past few days have been great. But before I write more I want to include a couple of things that I forgot to include in my last post. First off, here is the label, on the jar, I bought showing the Nutritional Yeast Flakes Facts which shows just how healthy the inactive yeast is.

And in case you didn't read Carol's comment at the bottom of my post, She wrote:

"I add fresh garlic to the cauliflower before I steam it. Mash with the yeast, salt and pepper to taste. I hope you like it!"

When I cooked Carol's healthy, delicious recipe Tony and I absolutely loved it, so in the future we plan to start eating more cauliflower with yeast flakes instead of potatoes and cheese.

Speaking of great recipes, Tony and I want to congratulate our dear friend Jim aka The Mineral Man for winning H.E.B.'s "Best Labor Day Burger" recipe contest. (And this doesn't surprise me, because Jim is an awesome cook.)

 Besides Jim winning the H.E.B. recipe contest last week, Jim had his photo taken, with him holding his H.E.B. food basket prize, standing between two smiling H.E.B. chefs and it appeared in the Hill Country Community Journal. 

And to say the least, I cannot wait to try Jim's award winning burger recipe.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to eat lunch with our great friends/volunteers: Eileen, Lisa, Jim, Suzanne and Chris and as always we had a blast being with these great people. 

After our fun lunch Tony and I went to the big H-E-B. to pick up a few groceries, before going to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to pick up Bubba, a stray that a nice couple had rescued last week, but could not keep.

Bubba, who we had already renamed Gus before we arrived, at Hoegemeyer's, is the sweetest, one-year-old pup. He is friendly, socialized and is great with kids, great with other dogs, not hyper and not a digger. In other words, he is a Super Dog!

When we picked up this cute, red-nosed dog we put him in Trigger's back seat for the ride home. Unlike many dogs that are not crated and act crazy when riding inside a vehicle he acted like it was no big deal at all, so it was obvious to us that he's been used to riding in trucks. 

He slept most of the way home and the few times that Gus woke up and looked at us or where we were going, he was as calm as he could be. So before we arrived at the ranch, I took a couple of pictures of him sitting in the back seat. The first picture came out a little bit blurry, but his expression is so cute I am including it.

When we arrived at the rescue ranch, I took a couple of more pictures of this super cool dog, before Tony took him to his temporary pen. Nine times out of ten when a new rescue arrives here we put the dog in a smaller pen, that is inescapable, because it has a roof, just to make sure that he gets to know that we are the good guys and that we will take good care of him.

Anyway, in a couple of days we will move Gus to one of our big pens, so he can run and play with his new "roommate." Here are two more pictures of this smart, lovable dog who is now waiting to get his loving family and forever home.

So, if you want to meet Gus or have a friend looking to find a great companion, please come out tomorrow and meet Gus and our other super great dogs. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, look up a recipe for Hippie popcorn, it uses the yeast and is awesome. I would post a link but did not know if I could or not....... Susie from Fort Worth.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! I just looked it up and I am going to fix it tonight for us. It looks totally delicious! Thank you for letting me know about this Hippie popcorn recipe. This is the recipe I am going to use: