Friday, September 13, 2019

Bob's Relatives!

Tony and I worked this morning and we are working tonight, so there is no time for me to actually write a post for today. So, I am going to share this with y'all. And by the way—today has been great.

Anyway, sweet Mari sent me an e-mail with a picture attached today and she wrote:

"But are they feeling sad or are they the alien version of the Blues Brothers?"

I love this picture and after I had quit laughing I wrote Mari back and told her that I was leaning toward the Blues Brothers. And here is why:

So now I am thrilled to know that some of Bob's relatives are musicians. And that is about it for today, because I need to take a short, sleepless nap with our four-leggers, before returning to work.

P.S. Mary, I wanted to let you know that Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller received the book that you sent to me and I cannot wait to pick it up at Wolfmueller's Books. You're too sweet and thank you for sending it to me.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


mary Sanders said...

I didn't have your address, and they were very kind when I dropped off your gift so many years ago. Please thank them for me again. I don't know if they told you what it is, so I won't say anything here! I'm glad you are getting in so much writing time and can't wait to see the results. Best wishes for you and Tony and the pups.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Sandy & Jon were glad to help and I cannot wait to pick up the book. Once again, thank you in advance.