Thursday, August 1, 2019

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Today has been great. Before Tony and I went next door to work a few hours over at Escondida Resort, I decided to get a head start on my steps, so I spent close to twenty minutes dancing to Gary P. Nunn's songs. And I had already walked over 5,000 steps before we even arrived at Escondida.

After finishing my work, I punched my time card, so I would be off-of-the-clock, when I went into the kitchen to visit with Kelli and drink a cup of coffee with her and staff.

During the fun conversation with Kelli and some of the staff members, they had started talking about drug testing athletes, in high school. So I joined in the discussion and it went something like this.

"When I was in high school," I said. "My junior year (1968-1969) I experimented with marijuana and a few other illegal drugs, but all they ever did was make me more stupid than I already was. In fact, when I was experimenting with marijuana, no one seemed to notice. But when I quit doing marijuana and the other stuff I had messed around with—everyone accused me of being on drugs."

"It wasn't fair, because I was straight—drug free," I complained. Then I told them this true story. "My junior year, I was working at the Fort Worth Children's Zoo, taking care of baby animals. It was a great job...."

"Anyway, one day after working at the zoo, I rescued a small, orphaned opossum, so I took it home with me, because it needed to be bottle fed. I named it Nancy and I kept it for about a week or so. To say the least, Mom & Dad were not real thrilled about me having a baby opossum, in my bedroom."

"When Nancy got off of the bottle and started eating real opossum food, my sweet parents suggested that it might be time to release her back into the wild. And I was fine with that, because Nancy had these really sharp teeth."

"So I asked my boyfriend at the time, who we will call Albert, to drive me down to Forest Park, so I could release it. Mind you, neither one of us did drugs or drank alcohol."

"Albert took us near the zoo, which was locked up tight for the night, so I carried Nancy, who was inside this shoebox, over to a tall tree. It was already dark outside, so Albert had his headlights on, so he could watch, from the comfort of his red convertible."

"It was all pretty uneventful, because all I did was put the shoe box on the ground, next to the tree and removed the lid, so Nancy could be free. Then I went back to Albert's car, so we could watch, in between our making out sessions, in the front seats. They were bucket seats."

"Then out of nowhere, police lights started flashing white, red, blue and then this police car drove up and parked next to Albert's car. It was scary even though we had nothing to hide."

"This officer asked us what we were doing? So I told him that we were releasing, Nancy, my pet opossum. And it was the truth. But the officer didn't buy it, so he accused us of doing drugs or better said—sniffing glue! Then he made us get out of the car, so he could search it. And of course he found nothing."

"So, I suggested that he go with me to the tree, so he could meet Nancy and see that I wasn't lying to him. And when we arrived at the tree, so I could prove my innocence, the shoe box was empty. Nancy had disappeared into the woods."

After my friends had quit laughing, I continued, "After the police man drove away Albert and I went back to his car, so he could drive me home. And just as Albert started his car we heard this voice from up above that spoke down to us. But now I can't remember what he said to us. But he was friendly. I do remember that."

"Anyway, there was this homeless man, way up high in the tree, who had witnessed the whole thing and he thought it was totally hilarious. And that's the end to my story about me being innocent and accused of doing drugs."

Before I adios-ed our friends, next door, Sarah, Darlene, Tony and I entered yesterday's steps, in a log book, and I am proud to say that I won and Tony came in second place. In other words: Team BIG FOOT won and Sarah and Darlene's Team TWO-STEPPERS— 0. I like that.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to buy some groceries and to run a few errands and we did a lot of walking. So as I finish writing this for tonight I've removed my pedometer and here is a picture of how many steps I've already walked today. And it is only 3:55!

Yes, 9,614 steps and I am putting my watch/pedometer back on, so I can hit at least 10,000 steps. And I think dancing at least one time to Gary P. Nunn's song, For Old Times Sake, will definitely get me there. Because these boots are made for walking.

And the last time that I checked-in with Tony he has already walked over 7,000 steps today. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

Another Update: 5:18

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