Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Instant Pot!

Today has been great and it has been so much fun, because Drew & Ellie, our dear world-traveling friends came to see us this morning.

The minute they arrived we started talking non-stop and we laughed so much my back is aching. I knew this would happen to my back, but seeing them is well worth it.

When they arrived we sat around in the big room drinking coffee. And I served them the delicious black bean brownies that I had made a few days ago and like us—they loved them, too. And Ellie even asked me for the recipe, so I printed one out for her.

When we were discussing eating whole food plant-based foods, because for several years they have been eating this way, we started trading recipes and they gave us some helpful tips to help keep us on track, etc.

At one point when Drew noticed that we have an Instant Pot, he told us that they have one and then he asked if he could cook lunch for us, because he wanted to show me how to cook this easy soup recipe. And of course our answer was yes.

Then Ellie went out to their RV and returned with all of the ingredients he needed to cook us soup: carrots, celery, rice, Edwards & Sons Not-Chick'n 4 bouillon cubes and a package of Quorn Meatless Pieces (chicken). And as Drew chopped up the vegetables I took these pictures of the packages.

Thirty minutes later after Drew had seasoned the soup with some salt and pepper, we enjoyed eating his incredibly delicious soup and Tony ate a second bowl of it, because he loved it so much. 

 A few hours later—Bottom  Line: We hated adios-ing these two special people, because we love them so much.

After they drove away I was feeling a little down because they had gone and I knew it could be months or even a year before we would see them again. 

Anyway after I had cleaned up the kitchen my mild depression didn't last very long, because we had to go to the Post Office, in Medina, so I could pick up my George Foreman 4 Serving Grill & Panini. Also we went to Medina, because Tony had to go the Medina Ace Hardware to buy some air compressor parts that he needed for a job.

 When we got back home I opened up the box. Omg, I love this grill and I cannot wait to grill us some delicious vegetables on it. And now I am wondering if I could grill pancakes on it since I no longer have a waffle maker.

And that is about it for this evening, because I plan to do some writing and editing.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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