Sunday, June 11, 2017

Time Will Tell!

Yesterday was so great, because Tony and I were doing so well dieting. But early in the evening, when we went over to Carol's ranch for a fun visit with her & Bill, out of the deck, we totally blew our diet when we got back home. Because Carol had given us two slices of her freshly, baked, secret, chocolate sheet cake to take home with us.

Even though Tony had no idea that he was dieting with me and it was our very first day of officially going on a diet together he and I immediately consumed Carol's mouth-watering cake as soon as we got back home.

And it was well worth it, with no regrets, because it was the best tasting chocolate cake that we have ever eaten. And here's a picture of our two slices of Carol's cake, before we enjoyed devouring them. And please note that I did eat the smaller slice, because that means that I did a much better job dieting than Tony.

Later on in the evening I decided not to beat myself up and feel guilty about blowing our diet on the very first day. And I also decided to relax and read more of Mike Blakely's fabulous, can't-put-it -down, novel Short Grass Song. The 1994, first edition book, that Mike had inscribed and given to his dear friend Tim, because Tim had given Mike the "shirt off his back," when Mike had needed it most. 

Anyway, before I sat down and started to read I stopped and took this cute picture of Henry, sitting on top of our cedar, coffee table, that Tony had made for me over twenty-one years ago. Along with Henry's sidekick, Lori Darlin,' standing in my chair, while sweet Belle watched the ending of a Hallmark romance movie, while resting on my hand-painted rug.

And after I had forcibly removed Lori Darlin,' from my chair, I took this close-up of stubborn, Henry Standing Bear, refusing to get off of the coffee table.

Today has been great. Tony and I started our first day of dieting, again. And so far we're sticking to it. But I am already starting to have my doubts about if we will be successful dieting today, because in just a couple of hours, we're picking up Carol so she can ride with us to the Western Edge Cellars, in Fredville, for Stephen K. Morris' weekly, Sunday, 4:00 - 7:00 music show that he will be hosting. So I guess time will tell. If I decide to tell. : )

Anyway, it is now 1:45, in the afternoon and as I finish writing this post I want you to know that I am taking Mike Blakey's fabulous book Short Grass Song with me today, just in case he shows up, at the Western Edge Cellars. 

Because if Mike Blakely does show up I am planning to ask him to please scratch out Tim's name and replace it with Tony's and my names, but to please leave the rest of what he wrote to his dear friend Tim, because Tony and I want to give Mike one of our size large or extra large, Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch T-shirts to wear for luck. 

And then that will make his/Tim/our book even more valuable when we find out who this Tim is and somehow get to give it back to him. We're talking' priceless.

Y'all have a great Sunday and keep on laughing! 

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