Friday, June 16, 2017

Saturday the 24th! or Mystery Musician! or The Carol Project!

The last few days have been great and with the help of our friend Aaron we did a whole lot of mowing and weed-eating. And now our rescue ranch looks like a beautiful, manicured dog-friendly park.

Today has been even greater, because Jim M., our great friend/dog-walking volunteer, came out and walked our dogs for us. Many of the others were no-shows, because of vacations, obligations, etc.

Anyway, after Jim walked our dogs we went to eat lunch, at the Medina Highpoint Resort's Koyote Grill. Besides our food being delicious and Tony and I ordering the exact same thing: Grilled Chicken Salad we had a really fun time.

And to top all of that off and "not to let the cat out of the bag" so to speak—I have some fabulous, exciting news, about a certain musician friend of ours who, Craig, the awesome General Manager, at the Medina Highpoint Resort, has booked to play on Saturday, June 24th, for their weekly, Saturday —All You Can Eat Pizza Night!

But the sad news is I can't announce who it is yet, until it is officially written down in stone or nailed down. And as soon as it is confirmed you'll be the first to know who this mystery musician is. So please go ahead and circle the date Saturday, the 24th, on your calendars.

After Tony and I adios-ed Jim, we left the Medina Highpoint Resort and we (I) talked non-stop about how excited I was that our friend would be playing the Saturday night gig up there. And before we came back home we made a quick pit stop to grab our mail.

But Tony didn't have much to grab, from the mailbox, this time, because there was just one letter and it was let's say "puffy." "What in the world is this?" Tony asked, as he handed the puffy letter to me.

I looked at who had sent it and I burst out laughing and couldn't stop laughing, because my good friend, Mari, had sent it to me. "What's so funny?" Tony asked. But I was speechless, because I could not quit laughing.

So the first thing that I did when we got back, to The Cabin, was to take a picture of Mari's puffy, "The Carol Project" letter with her special handling instructions, written near the bottom of the envelope.

Then I opened up Mari's puffy letter, even though I already knew what I would find inside and I took this picture of more of Mari's dog hair, for me to use for Carol's Christmas Top Bun, that I am making for her.

And when Tony saw the contents of Mari's "Hair Package" he finally started laughing, too. 

And that is about it for today. Because I need to take care of a little more rescue ranch business and then wash Mari's dog hair and dry it, in the salad spinner, before I start binge-watching the 3rd Season of The Ranch, on Netflix.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

My Aussie(Red) Ryder wants to know if you read his card, especially the emphasis on keeping that hair away from that varmint - Henry Standing Bear?

He says he can't grow any more hair for the Carol Project until winter and that will be too late, so he's worried about 'outside' interference that might impact his most recent donation to the 'cause'.

I will be checking this blog until I find words of reassurance that I can give him. Meanwhile, he paces the floor.........

Carol V said...

Thank you for washing it before you make my bun!

Anonymous said...

I still think you and Tony should go find some rescue goats and let them do the mowing. Not only are they eco friendly but they are much cuter than a mower. Yea the dogs would raise a fuss but eventually they would get over it. :) susie g from Fort Worth.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari!...Please tell Red Ryder to quit pacing the floor. And that I read his card, but his handwriting was difficult for me to read. And right after I had finally deciphered his writing Henry Standing Bear snatched the card out of my hand and swallowed the whole thing! But thank goodness Henry did not get any of the hair.

Please tell Red Ryder to relax. Red's hair is in safe keeping and I mean really safe-keeping, because I've now forgotten where I hid it. I've checked everywhere, inside The Cabin, including my jewelry box. And I was just about ready to give up looking for it and then I remembered that I had put it inside the freezer.

And sure enough I finally found the baggie full of Red's hair hidden underneath a sack of frozen peas. So life is good!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Carol! It was no big deal to wash Red's dog hair or to dry it. But if you are thinking about what to get me for Christmas a new salad spinner would be a perfect gift.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Suzie! I love goats, we've had our own goats and we've also rescued goats. In fact, the last two rescued goats I named Romeo & Julio and months later we found them a great home, before they chewed up everything inside their pen.

I appreciate your eco-friendly goat suggestion and I'll talk to Tony about it. But don't be surprised if he says, "Naaaaaa..."

Fay said...

The Carol Project LOL Love it!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I wish that you would come down here and help me spin all of this dog hair for Carol's Top Bun. I could really use your help. And maybe you could bring Ian too, so he can tell us his hilarious jokes and keep all of us laughing while we're spinnin'.