Friday, May 8, 2020

Welcome To My World!

Well, it is official—I am truly addicted to solving jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. I absolutely and highly recommend this totally free, awesome app Free Jigsaw (Boy Howdy) and it looks like this.

I recommend it, because this afternoon I made and solved jigsaw puzzles using my own favorite photos. Because they give you the option to use their photos or to use your own photos. And it was so easy to do. Here are the ones I solved using my pictures and it only took me less than an hour.

Little Debbie

The Last Resort

The Cabin's Kitchen

Henry Standing Bear On Bear

Henry Standing Bear

Yes, I know I am a jigsaw puzzle addict and I've already admitted that several times, but I had so much fun using my own photos—I can't stop!

So that is about it for today, because I need to get back to solving more jigsaw puzzles. Or better said, "Welcome to my world!"

Y'all have a great day/evening and keep on laughing!

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