Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Our Internet Has Been Down For 2 Days & We Now Have It Fixed!


Blackdog Momma said...

Hi Cousin Nancy and Tony,

We adopted Betty Boop in 2010 and we wanted you to know that she has had a wonderful life and has been such a joy and treasure to Robert and myself. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. I have been fostering for Lucky Lab Rescue and she has been everyone's Foster Momma with love and a lot of patience. I have some wonderful pictures of her if you have somewhere I can send them. She will be almost fifteen years old and we are helping her cross over the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow. She was such a strong sturdy dog as I'm sure you remember but her time has come so she does not suffer. Hope both of you are doing well. We think about you and your Rescue and how much you did for all the animals. Take Care Traci and Robert Moeller

cousin nancy said...

Hi Traci and Robert. Oh my goodness, I remember Betty Boop and you adopting her from us. We loved her so much. Tony and I cannot thank you enough for adopting her and for giving her such a fabulous forever home. We are so sorry to hear about her stepping on a rainbow.

I know your hearts are broken, but please know that she knew how much you loved her and is grateful for the wonderful life she had, because of y'all.

I would love to talk to you about sweet Betty, so if you read this please send me another comment with your e-mail or phone number, so I may contact you. And please note that I will not publish your comment, so your contact information will not be shared.

Take care and once again thank you for giving that beautiful sweet Lab all of your love.